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  1. moorzy

    Tt roadster back glass

    Anyone got the dummies guide to cleaning the rear window in a tt roadster? On my a4 cabriolet i can half close roof to get easy access to clean but tt seems to offer no access? I must be missing a trick?
  2. moorzy

    What would you choose?

    TTRS won the day. Deposit paid, pick up next week.
  3. moorzy

    What would you choose?

    2010 ttrs convertible or 2017 1.8 tfsi tt coupe, virtual cockpit and all that? Am stuck in between having a rapid, swwwweeet sounding rs or latest slick slower model but proper high spec. I've owned cabriolets for last 10 years and love top down driving. How much would i miss soft top, and...
  4. moorzy

    Cabriolet wind deflector

    Oh aye, wind deflector works a treat for her hairdo and my ears, love it hitting mway/national speed limit country roads with roof down and wind deflector up, helps a great deal I reckon.
  5. moorzy

    Nice weather, cleaning the car...

    I did but suppose i dint use enough shampoo/soap stuff. Really left a mess, as i say, I'll use a bar of proper clay in future, not worth it.
  6. moorzy

    Nice weather, cleaning the car...

    I got one of them clay mitts to do daughter and sons cars and didn't rate at all. I mustn't have used enough lube maybe because it left some proper stubborn marks, looked and felt like bits of the actual clay had smeared and stuck to paintwork. Never happened when i used a bar so I'm not giving...
  7. moorzy

    A4 B7 List of Affordable Modifications/Upgrades/Retrofits

    Subtle but very nice chief. Well played.
  8. moorzy

    Well someone tried to pinch the old bus today.

    Harm was mentioned about three posts in, higher premiums/wasting police resource, someones car alarm went off, it's pathetic to think this ridiculously common event, returning to a vehicle and it's alarm going off, warrants police work, it's attention seeking nonsense
  9. moorzy

    Well someone tried to pinch the old bus today.

    So to summarise, unless I give you the answer to your question you want to hear then don't respond? Why ask the question then? Anyway, I'll naff off your site now squire.
  10. moorzy

    Well someone tried to pinch the old bus today.

    If not fawning over your dreamed up jibberish is winding up then guilty as charged.
  11. moorzy

    Well someone tried to pinch the old bus today.

    I am calling ******** on this. Are you seriously suggesting that there is a thief, or thieves, with access to a truck to transport their car shaped swag, who are so rubbish at robbing cars, that they start towing/whinching a car up onto their truck but as soon as the factory fitted as standard...
  12. moorzy

    Well someone tried to pinch the old bus today.

    It's rubbish because it doesn't suit what you want to hear. There is no point in logging a non existant crime!!!!
  13. moorzy

    Well someone tried to pinch the old bus today.

    A car alarm wouldnt stop someone who had brought a truck to pull a car on. The wind has blown into your car end of, stop making a massive drama over it and wasting precious public resources, old bill have better things to do than investigate gusts of wind and other weather related shenanigans.
  14. moorzy

    Well someone tried to pinch the old bus today.

    Are you really contemplating phoning the police to report that you came back from a dog walk and your car alarm was sounding? I'm just guessing that they wont be sending in the flying squad pal, just a hunch.
  15. moorzy

    When Wet

    No problem. Always put roof down when sunshine appears regardless of wet or not. That's why i have cabs, love em. Some people mither and think things through for mithering sake. The rear window will need cleaning more often but that's about it imo.
  16. moorzy

    Locking wheel nut key lost

    what a pillock. I had the wheels off a few week ago, tidy the brake calipers up and what not. I must've left the adapter for the locking wheel nuts on the deck when i packed up and finished as had flat tyre this AM, went to change and the adapter is not where it lives! :( trip to audi stockport...
  17. moorzy

    Dreaded number plate screws.....

    Had to drill mine.
  18. moorzy

    s4 mirrors/covers, back on or leave off

    On. They are the nuts.
  19. moorzy

    Steel industry place name annoyance

    I know, edit wouldn't let me change grrrrrr. I also mispelled "teeth" but edit fixed it :) Nice metal pun as well :D