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  1. markwiggy

    Colour and Black styling

    currently driving a nano grey 8v sportback 1.5tfsi S-Tronic S-Line black edition which I love. Looking to to order same spec 8Y in either Python Yellow or Turbo Blue, your thoughts are welcomed. I would like black styling pack but can’t find it on Audi configurator, is it available on the...
  2. markwiggy

    Should I change my 20TDI to 14TFSI (COD)

    as per thread title I'm thinking of changing, only doing about 8k per annum at the moment.My car is just 3 yrs old and done 20k and is paid for, new car would be on PCP or similar. I would welcome your thoughts and opinions, pros and cons etc. Thanks
  3. markwiggy

    Software Update 2.0TDI

    Just had a call from the dealer to take my car in for a software update, anyone got any idea what it's for ?? It's the 150 version. cheers Mark
  4. markwiggy

    Countdown Thread (another one) 6 days ish

    Email from the dealer today, arrival of my car at the dealership is imminent, I actually think it may of arrived late this afternoon as a transporter full of Audi's was heading towards the dealers as i came out of my local Tesco, I did spot what looked very much like a Daytona Grey Sportback on...
  5. markwiggy

    Just ordered Sportback

    Very happy Just ordered a A3 Sportback 20TDI S-Line in Daytona grey. Spec as follows :- SD sat nav Full Nappa leather Privacy glass Cruise control Aluminium roof rails...
  6. markwiggy


    My S3 has now gone, new owner has just picked it up. As it drove off it looked stunning, I felt like running after him and saying I'd changed my mind, but managed to resist. I have advised him to join and told him how wonderful you all are and how happy you would all be to help...
  7. markwiggy

    Moving On Selling My S3

    Time for the S3 to go. I have had a wonderful 3 yrs of ownership and enjoyed every minute.I am sure I will really miss the car but got to move on.My S3 is now for sale, I have advertised it on here firstly as I am in no mad rush to sell, need to wait for the reg transfer anyway. I am sure I...
  8. markwiggy

    Trip Over to the Darkside

    No sure about my sanity but I am thinking of moving over to the darkside, BMW. Not only BMW but a BMW diesel. Been a bot bored with S3 for a while now after 3 yrs and really feel like a change,straw that broke the camels back was driving to Devon and back last week and sitting doing 50mph most...
  9. markwiggy

    TTS Test Drive

    Test drove the long awaited TTS today, needless to say ,I am keeping the S3. Not really sure about the looks, performance wise it seemd pretty quick especially in a straight line from a standing start but the whole test was marred by the spaz-tronic gearbox, god that box is aweful I like a car...
  10. markwiggy


    Look like its on it's way guys for all you sportback boys, check out the link. Mark
  11. markwiggy

    Ghost ESP light

    Twice in the last week my ESP light has been flashing when driving in a straight line when there has been no wheel spin evident ETC . First time was the worsed as the power dropped dramaticaly, today it just started flashing at about 70mph in 6th gear. Strange, anyone else experienced this...
  12. markwiggy

    Funny Story

    Thought I would share this little story with you all. I was in Church Stretton,Shropshire the other day with my other half sat outside by the car having a little lunch. Anyway one of the local sheep came over sniffing around for some titbits and even got on the blanket we were sat on, anyway it...
  13. markwiggy

    S3 Broke Already

    Just got the car out drove up the road and the engine management light came on , Not Happy :wtf: International rescue ( Audi Assist) are on there way, anyone else had any probs. Will keep you posted Mark
  14. markwiggy

    New S3 V5 Document

    Further to my previous thread with regards to the Model/Type that many of you fed back to. If you remember our V5's said ''A3 TFSI Quattro'' I have now put my personal plate on the car and queried this at DVLA in Chester, they did not seem sure. Anyway just recieved V5 back and it now says...
  15. markwiggy


    Hi ! Just recieved my V5 Registration doc for my new S3, it reads ''A3 20TFSI Quattro''. I would of thought it should read ''S3 20TFSI Quattro'' can anyone who has recieved thier V5 please check and feedback what it says. Anyone who is unsure about buying an S3, just do it...
  16. markwiggy

    New S3 Wheels

    Our german friends appear to have a greater choice of wheels for the S3, there is a nice quattro GMBH wheel which resembles the RS4 wheels or is maybe the same wheel. I have made enquiries with dealer as to whether I can have them added to my car. They are looking in to it, I await the response...
  17. markwiggy

    Hi !!

    Hi Joined today, looking for any new S3 pics in sprint blue as I have one on order, subject to test drive. Can you help! Currently drive A3 20T S-Line quattro:thumbsup: Great car but will be better with more power. Cheers