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  1. moorzy

    Tt roadster back glass

    Anyone got the dummies guide to cleaning the rear window in a tt roadster? On my a4 cabriolet i can half close roof to get easy access to clean but tt seems to offer no access? I must be missing a trick?
  2. moorzy

    What would you choose?

    2010 ttrs convertible or 2017 1.8 tfsi tt coupe, virtual cockpit and all that? Am stuck in between having a rapid, swwwweeet sounding rs or latest slick slower model but proper high spec. I've owned cabriolets for last 10 years and love top down driving. How much would i miss soft top, and...
  3. moorzy

    Locking wheel nut key lost

    what a pillock. I had the wheels off a few week ago, tidy the brake calipers up and what not. I must've left the adapter for the locking wheel nuts on the deck when i packed up and finished as had flat tyre this AM, went to change and the adapter is not where it lives! :( trip to audi stockport...
  4. moorzy

    Steel industry place name annoyance

    on the news everyone is speaking the name of the place Port Talbot too quickly si it sounds like Port Albert. I know that there are bigger things going on in the world and I shouldn't worry but it is really setting my teeth on edge. I feel like i want to jump in the telly/radio and massacre...
  5. moorzy


    anyone got a fave set of headphones? Ive got me a set of these bower & wilkins P5 wireless. Great bluetooth headphones, charge in about 2 hours and last easily a full day of choon playing. Lovely deep bass and clear mids and highs. A bit expensive @ £330 but quality. Wiuld like anyone else...
  6. moorzy

    Polishing minor scratches, which polish?

    Hi all Have a few light scratches in clear coat and am looking out of window thinking the stars may be aligning and just maybe a full clear day weather wise will be on cards soon so want to get some polish/compound to use with DA to tidy up, can you recommend any? Cheers
  7. moorzy

    Warm mirrors on cold day

    i am shocked this appears to be the case but I don't think i have leccy heated wing mirrors. Car is sline, 2008 a4. Can this be true, it has lots of other fancy things like a pull down sun visor neneath the rear view mirror and full leccy windows and lumbar control learher seats.....(ps i know...
  8. moorzy

    Engine management light flashing....

    And juddering when driving. I know this is not a happy sign but anyone have possible ideas? Would you only take to audi house or will local garage be sufficient you reckon, a 2008 1.8t a4. Cheers
  9. moorzy

    Why is it....

    That virtually every time I check weather for my area, N.Manchester, on webternets, It shows dry for thurday, friday, then solid 100% rain Saturday/Sunday, then dry again Monday, Tuesday next week????? Am I being paranoid or is the big man having a giggle at me?
  10. moorzy

    Proper smart indicators

    I'm probably about 2 years out of date like I was with Mercedes Benz smart diamond grille but saw an A6 with these on M62 this morning and thought "yessssssir...they are the nutz...."
  11. moorzy

    Simoniz alloy cleaner + bug cleaner

    Both £2.50 in asda at moment, never used, anyone know if this stuff is any good or should i leave it all on the shelf?
  12. moorzy

    Collinite 915 Marque D'Elegance

    Hurrah. After much faffing around with royal mail, i have in my possession one tin of collinite 915. Opened tin to have a gander and flipping heck this stuff feels rich! I dabbed about an atom if it on my finger and my whole arm is waterproofed!!!! Looking foward to dressing the motor in...
  13. moorzy

    Interior recommendations?

    i bought some AG bumber and trim, and rated it quite high. However i have turned Moorzy towers upside down seeking said product and can find hide nor hair so, before i just run off and buy same, figured id ask the scholars on here what they are using and see if theyd recommend one over another...
  14. moorzy

    SmartTop vs Cabrio+ module

    am looking to get module so I can look like a smart **** and open cabriolet on way to motor with keyfob and looks like its a choice of SmartTop or Cabrio plus. SmartTop coming in @ circa £215 and cabrioplus @ €249. So just wondering if anyone has either of these/whether anyone has experience...
  15. moorzy

    G3 body prep shampoo review

    So today wasn't raining for a few hours. I had already informed my beloved the night before, just before we nodded off, that i was going to wash the motor as the almighty up above had told me via iPhone weather app that in his favourite city, Manchester, he planned on taking the persistent rain...
  16. moorzy

    Iphone weather app reckons

    that i've got all morning here in n.manc to give the jamjar a much needed going over with some water and wax. Thank the lord, the salt and shiite built up on her is ****** horrible.
  17. moorzy

    New Mercedes grille

    i like a lot. Even though it's like some mad optical illusion they are kinky as xxxx.
  18. moorzy

    Acceptable cost for remap?

    after an idea of cost average for remapping of a 2008 b7 1.8t. Local firm have said £400 as unit needs doing on a bench so has to come out and needs motor for the day, extra 50bhp are expected gains, does four ton sound about right? That's all in cost btw, so tax etc.. Taken care of. Cheers
  19. moorzy

    These bright lights that hurt my eyes....

    I went through a 10 min phase of being interested in getting some of them fancy bluey/brilliant white light bulbs or whatever the setup would be, but I've become pished off by getting blinded by boy racers spinning round with the things when driving in evening. I've seen posts on here with...
  20. moorzy

    Bouncers Looking Sweet wheel wax

    I bought a pot of this off eBay for £14.95 to give a try over Christmas as haven't had time without rain to take wheels off, give them a REAL clean and coat in wheel armour, wait to cure, then replace. New Year's Day, approx 13:00 hours, in sunny Manchester offered an hour and half of non...