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  1. A3_Turbo

    Any-one looking for a decent FMIC on their A3? (With pics)

    Long time since i've been on here guys now ive got the Anniversary GTI. Just wondered if any of you guys fancyed a FMIC for his/her A3? Had a Pro-Alloy item made up for me and Jabba sport fitted it for me, was on the car for 6 months if that? Basically it wont fit my Golf so need to...
  2. A3_Turbo

    The New Ride... Golf Content.

    As you all know the A3 was stripped down to the bare-shell and eventually scrapped :( Heres what replaced it.. Golf GTI 25th Anniversary 1.8T. Done a few bits to it really happy with it so far :) I know its an Audi Forum but what you think?? Jason
  3. A3_Turbo

    Possibly THE nicest A3 ever??

    Look what i found on my travels on PH. I remember this car from way back when i first got my A3. Looks like hes done a few extra mods since buying it from MarkB. Some-one buy this!! Jason
  4. A3_Turbo

    Fitted BMC CDA - What breather filter?

    Hi Guys, Few of the parts from my A3 have made their way onto my Anni. Just fitted my BMC CDA onto the golf at the weekend, i was left with a pipe from the bottom of the airbox, pretty sure my agu didnt have this? Any-way need a Breather filter, any-one know which one i should go for...
  5. A3_Turbo

    Any-one want a H&R Cup kit for their A3?

    As you all know the A3 has been breoken down and i saw it go this morning :( Absolutely gutted the whole car! Any-way have a H&R Cup kit that i took off at the weekend for sale if any-one wants it? You'll see from previous pics how it sits. Kit only done at the Very max 10k. Pm...
  6. A3_Turbo

    Help removing exhaust system

    Hi guys, Basically ive removed the downpipe etc from the engine so my whole exhaust system is kind of just floating about. I basically want to remove as much of this as i can and put it onto my anni golf. Has any-one got any tips for this? Im attempting to ermove my...
  7. A3_Turbo

    Removing the Turbo-Guide?

    Hi Guys, Need to get the turbo off my car, Engine is still in the car currently. Wondered if there was a guide or something for removing the turbo? Looks really tight in there? Jason
  8. A3_Turbo

    Any-one want a Boost gauge and custom vent?

    Hi guys, Taken this out of my A3 if any-one wants one? Has a raid HP boost gauge in it looks nice and OEM with the red audi lighting. I sprayed mine gloss black to go with my interior, its chipped in a few places so would need a fresh coat of paint other than that its fine. Drop...
  9. A3_Turbo

    Where is the ECU?

    Can any-one tell me where to find the ECU? Thanks
  10. A3_Turbo

    Any-one interested in my RS4 style front bumper?

    Hi guys trying to sell my bumper, a few have seen it in the flesh i personally love it. Would love to see it on another car. Its basically an S3 bumper with S4 grilles plastic welded in with RS4 side grilles and a LCR front splitter. Pm me if interested? Was going to try ebay but thought...
  11. A3_Turbo

    A3 1.8TS Breaking

    Guys, As a few of you are aware gear-box went @ Pod on sunday. Decided to cut my losses, ive now bought an Anniversary Golf and im stripping the A3. Thought maybe some-one would be interested in a few bits? Let me know if any-one wants anything... Jason
  12. A3_Turbo

    GTI Spring Fest

    Had a wickid day apart from my gearbox being destroyed on track :( Any-one got any pics? Jason
  13. A3_Turbo

    S3 Alacantra - What do you use to clean?

    All, Had a go at cleaning up my seats @ the weekend. Used Poorboys Leather cleaner on the leather and de-bobbled the Alacantra. Ive got a few marks here and there on the alacantra is there anything you can use to get stains off? Im thinking maybe fabric cleaner? Jason
  14. A3_Turbo

    Wheel Refurb- What colour???

    Hi guys, Well i picked up a set of spare wheels many thanks to JCS356 he very kindly lent me a set of New style RS4's. Which i most probably will buy off him and keep for winter wheels. Anyways the New style RS4's are a kinda of shiny silver and IMO go really nice with the silver...
  15. A3_Turbo

    Quick Question. Will standard wheels fit brembo's?

    Hi Guys, Quick question... Hoping to get my wheels re-furb'd, Problem being my Cup 3's are the only wheels i have. He has a set of standard 16" audi wheels i assume they're the 1.8t wheels. Will these fit behind my brembo brakes? If not im pretty screwed as he needs the wheels for 5...
  16. A3_Turbo

    1/4 Mile Techniques

    Basically just wanted your advice on the best technique for a decent 1/4 time. Ive got roughly 240 BHP and FWD with no TCS. As you can imagine 1st to 2nd is a bit of a handful. I can imagine when i go to POD times wont be that good if im spinning up to 2nd-3rd. Any-one got any tips...
  17. A3_Turbo

    Race Pro-X 360

    Any-one got this yet? Looks really good just wondered how it compares to Forza 2? J
  18. A3_Turbo

    Painting Calipers

    Going to paint my rear calipers to match the red brembos on the front :) Is there a how-to guide or something? Do you take the caliper off? If so do you need to re-bleed the system? Thanks :) J
  19. A3_Turbo

    Cup 3's Need a refurb....

    Just had new rubber put on them they need a refurb though.. Currently black centers with chrome lip. Do i get them done same again or something different? Was thinking maybe just going back silver? What you think people? J
  20. A3_Turbo

    Custom Made Down and Out A3/S3 Sticker!

    Just had the guys over @ Empire Graphics custom make me this never seen one before so i had to get it custom made! Click the linky! Enjoy! Jason