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    Wanted Wanted front wings S/A4 B5

    Wanted front wings in silver no rust for Audi A4/s4 b5 Must be willing to post or local South West England
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    Convert 1.8 QTS to DBW

    So I managed to track down an IE large port inlet from the USA which already has a dbw throttle body attached. What is required to convert to drive by wire from cable. I already have an emu standalone ecu ?
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    Fitting s4 front and rear subframes on 1.8t qts

    i just picked up powdercoated front and rear subframes and want to fit them to my 1.8t qts I need some advice ?
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    Brake options for 450-500hp

    So the engines in but as the car has not moved for a year all the brakes have seized The car should make between 450-500 Any brake suggestions which are not that expensive Been offered complete upgrade uprights disc pads 18z and s4 b5 back brakes for £600 plus delivery Any other...
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    Audi S4 front bumper 4 sale in Grey

    as above £200 plus postage
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    Fitting S4 front bumper

    I bought a s4 front bumper will it bolt up to the standard bumper supports and side brackets ?
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    Engine rebuild

    any recommendations for bearings etc for my rebuild going to run gtx2867r Zrp / IE drilled rods (not yet ordered) Super tech exhaust valves (ordered) Any help advice would be appreciated
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    Eliminator Gt28rs for sale

    As per title in the classified section
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    S4 coilovers on 1.8t Quattro

    Anyone done this is the ride any good
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    996 Brakes

    I have 996 front brakes with hel lines any suggestions on brake disc and pads ?? I have the s4 uprights do i need anything else to fit this ?