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    Electronic Handbrake Fault

    I've got a 2006 VW Passat (new shape), which has an electric handbrake, there's just a button you press on the dash. Recently the hand brake has started to not release, I press the button, nothing happens (the light stays on the button), keep pressing, still nothing. I have to turn the engine...
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    Top Gear new series tonight

    whoops, haven't been here for a while, this is in the wrong chat area. Sorry.
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    Top Gear new series tonight

    BBC2 9pm :)
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    vag specialist

    I've used these people before, the owner use to work at Audi Chelmsford, as the Service Manager. - Strangely I was recommended them by a member of the service team at Audi Chelmsford, when I wanted something done on my car, but didn't want to spend a fortune, so he told me about him, and said he...
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    E-bay VAGCOM Cables

    I bought this one: Not had it long, but resolved the issue I had, unplug the "passenger Air-Bag is off light", from the radio, causing the airbag warning light to come on, needed it reset. This did the job for me nicely...
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    Need Temp Insurance @ 19 see if they'll do anything?
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    Kart Drifting?

    Is there a website jojo, I'd be interested one day in this?
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    A4 gone - New Passat arrived

    lol, I've read up in the manual, it can be used as an emergency stop, if the foot pedal was to fail, but it will stop the car quickly, as if you'd slammed on the brakes. I had a go at slow speeds, in a quiet car park, and can confirm, it does slam on the speeds. It does also state, that it may...
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    QE2 bridge (Dartford) Average Speed Cameras

    Are the ones with signs not the cameras before the tunnels, in Kent. - I still don't think the cameras are live yet, as takes them long enough to sort these out. - I think they'll put average camera signs up first too, as they did on A127 recently. I use these every day, also never seen...
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    QE2 bridge (Dartford) Average Speed Cameras

    For those that use the Dartford bridge from time to time or all the time, please note that there are now average speed cameras on the bridge. (in the Gantries). Each lane has a camera pointing at it, first as you start on the bridge, last just before the toll booths, at end of bridge...
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    Why did my passenger window open when parked?

    If it was down a little bit, I'd put down the remote, holding button slightly too long, as every so often it did it on mine, only very slightly though, as at a distance, didn't know if it had unlocked, as no lights flashed, so held a bit longer. But fully open, hope for a accident, guess you...
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    Audi UK Warrenty Claims Phone Number

    That's the right thing to do, also not sure where it stands on changing that rule on vehicles after they've purchased, as that's the warranty on your vehicle. I rang customer services, they informed me there is no special warranty dept, but dealers deal with it direct. - you could ask to speak...
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    Audi UK Warrenty Claims Phone Number Their own website, for 12 year body, covered for 12 years, as long as it's reported as soon as discovered, as long as you say you only just discover it. - Could try printing it out & taking...
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    Why did my passenger window open when parked?

    did you knock the passenger window button on the driver side as you were getting out of the car?
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    Car Logbook

    I think you don't get sent a new style V5 form, if you change owners, or lose one, then when you get the log book back, it'll be the new V5C forum
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    Can you see what's wrong????

    haha, where's the following photo?
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    A crap year gets worse

    Hope she gets well soon mate & things start looking up for you.
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    I use
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    current economic climate - did you get much off sticker/ screen price?

    I'm dyslexic, so I have problems with spelling! was that really necessary!
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    current economic climate - did you get much off sticker/ screen price?

    No Part X, that wasn't too well, so just straight up cash!