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    AVI-8 honour aircraft and the untold story of the airmen

    Faster, Further, Higher - Aviation exemplifies man's desire to fly and soar above the earth… The best engineers, scientists, designers and pilots have combined over the years to produce cutting edge machines that were designed for the crucial purpose of a country's...
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    Amazon prices

    Has anyone else noticed that Amazon prices are not as... let’s say they might be? This has always been the case but it just seems a little more the case and makes me check a little more. For the last few weeks I have noticed that I can buy things cheaper direct from companies. Don’t get me...
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    M4S Wraith

    If we're going to educate them lets do it properly :)
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    M4S Wraith

    HAHA "bin at your local video store" just makes feel even older :)
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    AC Cobra

    can't not vote for a car you own.. :) even if it is a fake snake :)
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    M4S Wraith

    Ok this is going to be interesting to see if anyone even know what I'm going on about with this one. Who wouldn't want one of these!!!! :)
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    Forum upgrade

    can you send me a link to an example :)
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    B7 RS4

    I just feel that a RS car should have a turbo somewhere under the bonnet.. :) The RS2 started the trend of being Quattro and turbocharged and that's where it should have kept going :) Not saying the B7 RS4 wasn't a great car just was it the right way to do it? :)
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    B7 RS4

    One word.. Turbo or turbos... OK that's two words or three if we're splitting hairs but where are the turbos. Still it was a very good car. :)
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    Forum upgrade

    OK I have had a little play and removed some of the padding.. Let me know what you think.. I am getting complaints from google about there not being enough space between thing for mobile so we might have to look for a different solution. I'll also have a look for a machine that has a low res...
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    Forum upgrade

    What's wrong with you, my laptop has 2 x 4k screens!!! :p I'll have to find another machine to have a play and see what I can do :) or maybe everyone needs a 4K screen. :)
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    Cool as hell... Always wanted one of these and at one time they were affordable. The Lamborghini LM002, 450bhp V12 from the Countach, and a 290-litre fuel tank to ensure every fill-up is a financially crippling experience
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    a1 misfire

    Where are you and have you seen if there are any fault codes?
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    A1 Roof Rails

    I would have a word with the parts request (Tom @creweaudiparts )
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    Hi from Zadar, Croatia

    Bok :)
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    Forum upgrade

    Ok this is how some of us see the site.. It would seem that we need to find away to have it set at 75% of screen. I'm guessing that the reduce by75% was really reduce by 25% :) so it shows 75%.
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    Audis in the Park XII

    August the 8th 2021 is a date to remember. AITP has grown over the years to become the largest Audi only car show/event in the world. Over the years ASN has attended every year with some of the largest show attendances we have ever seen. Always a popular event that lets people finally meet and...
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    F40 tribute concept....

    The original F40 was a car that I always thought must be an amazing car to drive. It looks just amazing and was a car of just about everyone's dreams when it came out..... Nope it was one of my biggest disappointments to drive. Still love it for what it is and the rawness but not upset I never...
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    Which version of the theme do you prefer?

    You may or may not have noticed but there is the option to switch between light and dark versions of the theme. This is just a quick poll to see which you prefer... If you haven't tried the switch, it's at the top of the right hand side bar ->
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    Fiat 500L (1972)

    This was my first car I owned..., 499cc of pure power... I did upgrade it with a Rolls Royce jet engine many years latter. If I can find any pictures I'll post them as well :) loved these cars and they are very cool...