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  1. Serhiy

    Car Does not start sometime from first attempt

    Hi After alternate recall "fix" i started having issues with car starting, basically sometimes when attempting to start the car it does not start from cold first time round, makes noise that it attempts to start but does not, then when i try it again it start straight away. there is no pattern...
  2. Serhiy

    MMI speed Cameras

    Hi Did anyone managed to upload custom POI data to MMI in a new A6, what ever i try the damn car cannot see the usb stick with data. is there instructions for A6?
  3. Serhiy

    myAudi log in not available under users

    any one got the same problem? i 'm not seeing myaudi login at all when opening users. i can set my self as key user, but not able to connect to audi connect services, taken it to my local dealership but only advise was given is to reset to factory defaults and try again which did not help.