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  1. Vertigo1

    Engine cutting and coasting even with Stop/Start disabled?!

    So today, whilst on the motorway, I noticed that, if I lifted and coasted, the gear indicator would first vanish (i.e. 'D7' becomes just 'D') which usually indicates the clutch has been disengaged and you're 'coasting' then, a second or so later, the green stop/start symbol would appear next to...
  2. Vertigo1

    Parking brake functionality seems to have gone backwards

    In my old S3, when I stopped the car, put it in P, turned off the ignition and removed the key, it would automatically apply the parking brake. Together with the auto-drive-off function, this meant I very rarely had to even touch the parking brake switch. My new A4 doesn't seem to do this when...
  3. Vertigo1

    Audio settings question

    So I've taken delivery of my new A4 Avant today but have a question about the sound settings. Whilst I can adjust the bass, treble, sub settings and so forth, these appear to be 'global' and not on a per-source basis. Is this correct? Rather annoying if so as I'd like to tweak music sources...
  4. Vertigo1

    Existing order and MY22?

    Hi, So I have an order in since last month. It's a straight PCH lease and a factory order which originally had an ETA of July. I've just been informed that the ETA is now start of September, which doesn't bother me, but does raise the question of model years. With delivery in September, is it...
  5. Vertigo1

    New car spec and a couple of questions

    Hi all, Ok so I'm planning on switching from my current S3 to an A4. Bit larger, more practical, better interior, updated tech and overall cheaper to run. Just won't be quite as much fun but hey. Spec I'm looking at is the A4 Avant 2.0TFSI S-Line S-Tronic with Comfort&Sound, Storage Pack and...
  6. Vertigo1

    What's the deal with the 40 TFSI?

    Hi all, Refugee from the A3 8V forum here - possibly looking to replace with an A4 Avant. One thing that I really can't figure out right now is what the **** is going on with the 40 TFSI engine. Is it 190PS or 204PS, or both?! The Audi website says the 40 TFSI is 204PS, however just about...
  7. Vertigo1

    Roadside cover

    Hi, My car is about to enter its fourth year. Whilst I paid for the warranty extension to cover this when I bought it, am I correct in assuming this doesn't also extend the Audi Roadside cover? If so then I presume I just need to extend it at Audi - Roadside Assistance ( ...
  8. Vertigo1

    My Audi login?

    Is it just me or is My Audi dead? If I try to login I'm getting an Internal Server Error all the time, unless I'm using the wrong site/URL? Trying to get into the Connect bit to download the latest maps.
  9. Vertigo1

    Good body shop in the Midlands?

    Can anyone recommend a good independent Audi body shop in the Birmingham or wider Midlands area? TIA.
  10. Vertigo1

    Oil spec

    What the correct oil spec for a current model S3? I'm thinking 0W-30 but I can't actually find anything official. The manual used to have this info for each engine but now just says "your dealer can advise" - frankly I wouldn't trust the dealer as far as I could throw them. Surely Audi must...
  11. Vertigo1

    What wheels will fit my car?

    I'm looking to source another set of alloys onto which I'll stick winter tyres. I'll likely be sourcing these used from Germany as a friend lives out there and, as winter tyres are a legal requirement, there's a massive used market in wheels and tyres. The issue is making sure the wheels will...
  12. Vertigo1

    Part request

    Can anyone with access to the parts database tell me what the number is for the right rear B&O speaker grille cover in a FL saloon is? Got a horrible feeling I read somewhere that they only come as a full set? Any info on costs and ease of fitting would be useful too. Thanks.
  13. Vertigo1

    Launch control

    Ok so I just launched the car for the first time - holy ****! Even in the damp it just squirmed a bit to start with then just went. One weird thing I did notice was, after putting my left foot on the brake pedal, when I pressed the accelerator, it kind of felt like it was straining against the...
  14. Vertigo1

    Matrix LEDs

    Finally used the Matrix LEDs in anger for the first time tonight. Oh my god! They're astounding, it's like witchcraft watching them work. Whether they're worth £900 is subjective and questionable but they are seriously impressive!
  15. Vertigo1

    Automatic parking aid keeps resetting

    Got a strange one here. I have parking plus and there's an option in the MMI to enable automatic operation, whereby the front sensors trigger when something gets close rather than only when you use the button. I keep turning this off but it keeps resetting to on which is very annoying. Anyone...
  16. Vertigo1

    Three days in

    Collected the car on Tuesday morning. A few potato quality pics here: Been out driving it and already managed to do over 400 miles so it's almost run in :) Been doing my usual run-in...
  17. Vertigo1

    CarPlay sound settings

    Quick question - how do you adjust the sound settings (bass, treble, sub etc) for music via CarPlay?
  18. Vertigo1

    Valet parking driver goes joyriding in customer's S3

    Surprised this hasn't been posted here yet - apologies if it has and I missed it. Whilst he's obviously entitled to be outraged, I have to ask what kind of berk leaves an S3 with one of...
  19. Vertigo1

    EA888 engine assembly

    Anyone want a bit of engine p**n for a Sunday evening? Don't think I've seen this posted here before...
  20. Vertigo1

    Wireless phone charging?

    Has anyone actually tried or uses the wireless phone charging on the FL A3? Does it work? How quick is it? I've read very little about it tbh.