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    For Sale H&R 10mm Spacers

    Used H&R 10mm spacers. 5x112 and 66.6mm centre bore. Part no 2055665 £45 inc postage (UK)
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    BiTdi gearbox remap

    Little discussion going on elsewhere of remapping and not wanting hijack that thread.. Has anyone remapped their Bitdi ZF gearbox? Any benefit gained from the remap? Spoke to 1 or 2 tuners who offer the gearbox tune and says it improves the shift points and holds the revs longer when in S mode...
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    Water in spare tyre well-Avant

    I was doing the wiring to a new sub install on my avant and when i pulled all the trim out under the spare tyre there was quite a bit of water sat there. Mainly under the metal reinforcement panels. Soaked it all up and dried it- must of been a good tea cup of water. Both side of the cubby's are...
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    2016 Xenon to LED retrofit

    2016 A3 8V model which currently has xenons fitted, can the led headlights be fitted easily enough? Does anyone have the coding changes that need to be done? Any help appreciated thanks
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    AWFUL Service!

    Dont bother with these guys.. Rang them enquiring about a remap for my Bitdi and someone will ring me back.. yeah like hell they did! Rang them again enquiring again for another friends car plus the bitdi , left voicemails and nuuuumerous calls later and no return call. I suggest you should shut...
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    Sudden drop in fuel economy- BiTdi

    My bitdi would happily return 44mpg on an easy run on the motorway and mid to high 20's local and being remapped it was fine. Over the past 2 weeks its dropped massively to around mid to high 'teens and last night i struggled to get past 34mog whilst doing around 60mph ! This is really bad and...
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    £150 Halfords vouchers; What to get?

    As per title; What waxes and cleaners chould i get or could i get from halfords with these vouchers to use on pearl black car?
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    A4 DRL bulbs

    Anyone know which bulbs are used for the DRL in the non led version headlight? thanks
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    Revo SPS 3 Dongle/controller for sale

    Hi, seeing as i dont have my S3 anymore im selling the revo sps3 dongle/ controller, Currnetly on ebay which finishes this evening. item no. 180294639876 So if anyone wants a cheap one get bidding now. MODS: sorry to post a sale item here; auction finishes tonight. So please dont...
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    Sale of my S3

    Just to drop a note on here before i get round to putting it up in the classifieds section. Selling my S3; details are as follows. If anyone is interested give me a shout an we can discuss further 2001 on private plate 38.5k miles Silver Metallic FSH Recent service 12 months MOT Taxed...
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    S3 oil

    I know the S3 should use the Castrol 0-30 edge oil but was wondering if i used 10-40 fully synthetic instead would i be risking anything or is it ok to use? Car is going onto fixed interval servicing.
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    a4 i.8 uneven idle

    ive got a 98 A4 1,8 manual and it seems to have a problem idling. If you blip the accelarator it revs as normal but as the revs come down they drop below the normal limit and it feels as thought he car wants to stall. It however doesnt stall but compensates and boosts the revs back up to normal...
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    A qucik question toanyone who has personally replaced a cambelt: Im currently changing one on a 98 A4 and currently stripping the front of the car down. Having set the crankshaft and camshaft pulley's to their correct marked positions. Do i just slip the old belt off and refit it? Just...
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    S3 Back box

    Ok i know its not in the classified section but hope to appeal to a wider audience: I have a Powerflow back box with centre pipe that is taking up space so if some one wants it then its yours for a donation to a charity. Im in Manchester near the airport.
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    S3 rear suspension Torque settings

    Does anyone have access to a pdf or chart that gives the figures for the rear suspension components. Im trying to eliminate some awfully annoying squeaks coming from the rear of my car. If anyone has these id be very grateful.
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    Headlamp motors

    Has anyone removed these motors form the one piece headlamps and mangaged to get them out without breaking the clip the ball locates into? I have just managed to break both of them and Audi say its not a seperate part. Its a white 'U' shape clip with a single screw fitting. If anyone has 2...
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    H&R ARB's

    Has anyone got these fitted to their S3? I know a lot of people have gone the R32 and Neuspeed route but H&R's reputation is very good, hence why i was wondering about thier arb's. Thier website lists them as 25mm front and 21mm rear. I know the front seems way too think but im sure the latest...
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    A3 Bushes

    Anyone replaced all of these on a non quattro A3? Just wondering if they are do-able as adiy or are they strict garage only job? thanks
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    323x28mm discs.. which ones and form where?

    Ay idea where i can get a set of front discs preferably grooved in the above size? I know SEAT do the OE Brembo's but are daft money for a plain disc. Alternatively, where can i get a set of caliper brackets made??
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    which wire from alarm??

    Im trying to find the signal wire from the alarm in an S3 that is triggered +ve or -ve when armed and obvioulsy goes off when the alarm is switched off. Any one have access to the A3 wiring diagrams or know which one it is and its where abouts, your alep would be appreciated. Thanks