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    Spotted S3 glacier white

    Seen one on way home from work in Plymouth. Glacier white saloon, had a little traffic light gp but 5pm isn't the right time for that. Anyone on here by chance?
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    B&O rear sub wet fart noise

    Bit of a strange one, but it does sound a bit odd. Can't hear it inside the cabin, only noticed recently while car was running and went into the boot to grab something, music was cranked up at all and could still hear what sounds like a wet fart. Not sure if it might be partly blown (that would...
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    D/S mode on auto box

    After 2 weeks of having the competition, I didn't know about the double pull on the shifter to enable S... Only noticed it while watching a s3 video. Thought it was rapid before for what is is, but now it's torque steer crazy 1st - 3rd Used to hate Mondays where I drive to head office (150 mile...
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    1st Audi - A3 45 tfsi e competition

    Hi, Work suggested I go for a full elec/hybrid car so checked out what was out there, the A3 hybrids stood out massively and made a few enquiries. After many calls, it was becoming clear there was going to be some long build times so I asked to look for stock. Only 1 guy found a 45 competition...