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  1. Matt

    Setting a new to me car up

    Hi. Getting a new to me A4 Avant in 2 weeks. It’s a private sale. Wondering what’s the best way to reset everything so the previous owners phone connection and any other user related things aren’t there? So I can start from scratch as if it were a new car basically adding me as the driver and...
  2. Matt

    B6 1.9 TDI Quattro Sport

    I'm looking for a standard B6 A4 Avant 1.9 TDI 130 Quattro Sport with leather or leather/alcantara interior, 04 or 54 plate with less than 100k on the clock. Is that particular model quite rare or is it the wrong time of year to be looking for a Quattro? Or a bit of both! Whilst I'm here...
  3. Matt

    Bluetooth issue

    My Dads recently got another A3 but Black Edition this time and it's got Bluetooth. Got his phone paired to it fine but every time you get back in the car it doesn't pick the phone up automatically. Have to turn the bluetooth on the phone off and on again before the recognises it. In my car...
  4. Matt

    The A3 is going! & Bluefin query

    Hi all. My A3 is going later this week to be replaced by a brand new Mini JCW... going to miss the Audi but thought it was time for a change. I've got a bluefin remap on the A3 at the moment. Is there anyway I can legitimately sell the bluefin unit and who ever buys it can have it programmed...
  5. Matt

    Finance Companies

    Anyone got any recommendations for companies to use for car finance as an alternative to the dealers own finance? PCP, Lease Purchase etc. Cheers.
  6. Matt

    Drive The Deal

    Has anyone on here used them before? Just looking for anyone's experiences with them. Looking at a Black Edition 2.0 TDI 170 Manual maybe in Ibis White, not 100% sure on colour yet. Front and Rear Acoustic Parking Cruise Control Electric Folding Mirrors Heated Front Seats Interior...
  7. Matt

    Alloy wheel refurb

    Can anyone recommend an alloy wheel repair specialist that covers the Cumbria area? I've had 2 new tyres fitted and the tyre fitter's damaged the wheel. Highly unlikely they are going to pay out either but thats another story. Whats the likely hood of getting the same standard of finish of...
  8. Matt

    Coolant level once again

    I've tried to find my other thread from a few months ago about this but cant so had to start a new one. Just so people can add their thoughts or comments or even if people are having the same problems. And also for me to vent my anger a bit! Car is still leaking coolant somewhere, no visible...
  9. Matt

    Remap with warranty work

    Would you take your remap off when taking your car in for warranty work? Its lost coolant yet again and I'm occasionally getting an ESP fault flash up. It did both of these prior to the remap so I know its not related to that. What do you think?
  10. Matt

    Headlight bulbs

    What are the bulbs that I've seen people recommend on here before? Is it Osram Night Breakers? One of my bulbs blew this morning. ****** hate fitting headlight bulbs, they leave you no room to get your hands in. Oh and while I'm there are there any sidelights that are actually white that...
  11. Matt

    Car finance sites

    Are there any websites out there that can give you an instant online car finance quote that you can adjust the mileage, deposit etc. with without having to ring up and go through all that crap? When I was looking to buy the A3 a few years ago there seemed to be loads of them, now every one I...
  12. Matt

    3/4 size number plate

    Does anyone have a picture of a 3/4 size plate on an A3 S-line? I know they are illegal so dont need a lecture on that side of it thanks. Had one on my previous car and didn't have any problems in 2 years of having it on: I dont know if...
  13. Matt

    EML staying on

    Had this light stay on when I started the car this morning. I had a quick look through the manual and didn't see it, I didn't have enough time to have a proper look needed to get to work. Called into Audi and he reckons its ok to drive till they can look at it next wednesday. The power...
  14. Matt

    Aux-in retrofit

    How easy would it be to fit an Aux-in socket to my car? Either like on the later A3's or an aftermarket one? Anybody done it? :thumbsup:
  15. Matt

    New A3

    Anyone seen this? Do you think its real or not? Notice it doesn't mention anything about how they have managed to get hold of this image either which makes me a bit sceptical!
  16. Matt

    Cheapest/best deals for PS3

    Whats the cheapest place and/or the best deal on a PS3 at the moment? John Lewis are selling an 80GB with Little Big Planet for £287 delivered. Game are selling 80GB with 2 games for £310. I would be after COD 5 & GTA IV for a start so looking for any bundles that either have those...
  17. Matt

    ipod connection help

    Looking for some advice on an ipod connection for my 8P A3 with standard headunit and BOSE speakers. I've got the audi ipod interface fitted but I dont use it as in short its rubbish. Been looking at this kit
  18. Matt


    Similar post in the RS3 forum but thought it would generate more interest in here And yes the 1st comment on that thread is me.
  19. Matt

    Cold weather = slow DIS?

    Noticed this morning when I had just set off for work scrolling the DIS that it wasn't instantly bringing the next menu or function up like normal, slowly faded between them! Weird! Once the car got warm it was back to normal. Are electrics normally affected like this by cold weather? Was...
  20. Matt

    Tyres dilemma

    I've got my car booked in for a service a week on monday. Its going to need 2 new front tyres shortly after that so I'm going to get them done at the same time. I'd like Audi to do the tyres as to cut a long story short I've had bad experiences with independent tyre fitters in the past...