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  1. NevMan

    Audi S3 PFL vs Mercedes A35 AMG

    Definitely makes a difference if they tune the exhaust. My wife’s 2021 1.6 turbo Abarth sounds better than most
  2. NevMan

    wireless charging

    Yep, it would be the same if you had an IPhone “Max”
  3. NevMan

    So the S3 has moved on...

    It is a Countryman JCW…306bhp, 4x4. 0-62 in under 5 secs [emoji51] Fosse way just down the drag from me. Batsford is lovely [emoji106]
  4. NevMan

    So the S3 has moved on...

    Looks awesome mate, and loving the mods so far [emoji106]. Need a thread
  5. NevMan

    Motorway selling advice

    Have sold two cars via motorway without issues. Both times they came and gave it a quick once over, then made payments to settle finance and balance to me. Painless. On the poster about not hearing for two weeks, motorway usually get in touch quite quickly to make sure dealer has got in touch...
  6. NevMan


    Hmm, not surprising some are doing this
  7. NevMan

    S3 wheels

    Michelin Cross Climate getting good reviews and worth looking into as option, instead of full winters
  8. NevMan

    Difference between alloys

    Agree with this. I made the mistake once of buying Audi OEM alloys that had been powder coated. Was hiding cracks etc
  9. NevMan

    Macan reversed into the front bumper, whilst parked

    Maybe not cheaper as the Halfords one states: Features & Benefits: Sold in multiples of 12 So assume you get 12 of them [emoji15]
  10. NevMan

    Possible 2019 S3 purchase advice

    Meant for OP
  11. NevMan

    Possible 2019 S3 purchase advice

    Visual=virtual cockpit
  12. NevMan

    Rising used car prices.

    That is funny tbf [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  13. NevMan

    So the S3 has moved on...

    Hopefully prices hold into next year [emoji1696]
  14. NevMan

    So the S3 has moved on...

    Hindsight hey [emoji112] [emoji23]
  15. NevMan

    S3 hatchback with standard 19” Pics

    That is a stunning example. Love Venetian. Lucky new owner [emoji106]
  16. NevMan

    Extreme Parking

    I did that once, parked just over line and someone then parked like right next to me, learnt my lesson fast
  17. NevMan

    So the S3 has moved on...

    Most definitely will [emoji106][emoji108][emoji1316]
  18. NevMan

    So the S3 has moved on...

    @Jimbob76, that must have been a sad sight seeing your immaculate S3 drive off, roof box and all. Lee got himself a cracker there, but quite rightly had to pay a premium [emoji23]. The market is mad, sold our MCS after 18 months and 6k miles, and for about £1500 less than paid for new. How about...
  19. NevMan

    Show us exclusive colours in all models of Audi Please .

    Stunning [emoji2956]
  20. NevMan

    How long???

    Ah, so “business politics” mean all manufacturers are pulling options and “delaying” deliveries by many months. I get it….what complete [emoji243][emoji90]!