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  1. 16Klappe

    ex-girlfriend refusing to return A3

    What the **** is wrong with people. Nobody gives a shirt about your dirty laundry.
  2. 16Klappe

    5 screws in 3 days! For £1k

    This is not what I expected when I opened this thread.
  3. 16Klappe

    My buddy's car.

    Miltek every time. Quality is unrivalled for a mas produced item, and they have a great sound. Mines done 100K+, had a 150mph smash at the ring and been bent in half by the rear beam bending, had the discreet tips cut off and re-relded with bits of drain pipe...And it sounds IMMENSE.
  4. 16Klappe

    Today I saw the most diverse static display of vehicles I've ever come across...

    A nice little sprint tucked away :) Sunbeam Rapier H120 :wub: It's a huge place! There are five halls all like that. Motorbikes too :) Half of the bike I was named after :) A good day, I hugely suggest anybody who's into proper cars pays it a visit. :)
  5. 16Klappe

    Today I saw the most diverse static display of vehicles I've ever come across...

    I went here - Welcome to HIMM It was awesome. Here's some of my highlights of the day - This deserves its own little post break...:wub:
  6. 16Klappe

    Guess That Car

    Yup. All road.
  7. 16Klappe

    VAG 6-speed 02M/02Q Warning!

    Thanks for this piece of Internet gold, I would be lost without this ****. I love that you claim an engineering degree means you know about cars, you clearly know **** all which explains getting a garage to do the work. I have got a degree in Motorsport development, doesn't mean I can build...
  8. 16Klappe

    Whats the most fun car you've driven?

    Bumble was dangerous, fun is an element of that danger but all that power with stock brakes and suspension is not cool :p I have been in Bumble, I love it but it is totally retarded.
  9. 16Klappe

    Whats the most fun car you've driven?

    I had a 172, I really really loved it as a totally standard car it was perfect. The problem with a lot of vehicles is when you start modifying them you lose a lot of the practicalities and normalities that makes them enjoyable to drive. As a totally standard car my 172 was well up there with...
  10. 16Klappe

    What about this idea?

    LOL, it's a struggle to arrange a group buy for 20 sets of mats. Let alone buying and restoring and then selling a car with 100 share holders. Nooooo chance.
  11. 16Klappe

    Whats the most fun car you've driven?

    S3's are NOT fun Marty :p Go get a cheap 205 GTI, knocks the socks off every "fun" element of anything I've ever driven. People say they are old, people say they are slow, those people are gay.
  12. 16Klappe

    Shell VPower Nitro+

    Different dream Dave, you can tow me whenever you like. :beerchug:
  13. 16Klappe

    Shell VPower Nitro+

    I'll bet you the log book on your dog walker-mobile :) 155 is easy, a stage 1 A3 will get there given a long enough road mine does an indicated 160 with the higher limiter. It used to get to a point where you needed to take your foot off and on to push it up there. Not it just flys.
  14. 16Klappe

    Shell VPower Nitro+

    Fcn Northeners. Where you been Chezza?
  15. 16Klappe

    Shell VPower Nitro+

    EGT's rise with lower octane ratings and the ecu richens up the charge to lower them back down again, which ******* the timing further and restricts boost. Whether I had a bit of contamination in my tank, or these Nitro+ additives don't agree with my highly strung map I don't know. Time will...
  16. 16Klappe

    Shell VPower Nitro+

    LOL. ME3 doesn't know ANYTHING past the MAF, and the AGU head is arguable for a daily driver. They're clumsy, basic, difficult to tune, inconsistent and ****ing brilliant :D I will do Kwistof, I've been an avid fan of V Power for years and have done ECU resets in the past to confirm the gains...
  17. 16Klappe

    Shell VPower Nitro+

    Placebo. On Thursday I drove home to Basingstoke. Necked the car with VPower and drove 177 miles non stop to my mothers driveway from my local station which didn't have "Nitro+." Averaged 37.3 MPG and an average speed of 64mph. Did another 200 miles messing about at home, necked the car...
  18. 16Klappe

    What car for £10k?

    If I was willing to spend more than 50pence on a car I would buy one of these - Used Mercedes-Benz C Class C220 CDI SPORT 5DR AUTO 2... for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 927214) One of the nicest modern cars I've ever driven.
  19. 16Klappe

    Sub £1000 run arounds... any suggestions?

    To be fair for a grand you could get a pretty decent pre-facelift 1.8t A3.