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  1. Pops848

    Why do some people hate anyone in a posh car? Rant!

    pretty mental eh? He was driving down a dual carriageway without central reservation, the car lost traction and skidded into oncoming traffic, hit a car head on hence the front end damage, then spun 180 and collided with a lamp post hence the rear damage. Reports suggest racing with a...
  2. Pops848

    Why do some people hate anyone in a posh car? Rant!

    Before posting this link I'd like to say I WAS THE MOBILE DETAILER, but I 100% did NOT do this damage to this car.... Although I slapped the guy that did (personal friend of 20 years). Ferrari 458 Italia wrecked thanks to mobile car cleaner | MyAutoBlog
  3. Pops848

    What cars do you / have you owned???

    1st - 96 MK III Golf - Paid £110, crashed it within 2 months and got £110 back from scrap yard 2nd - 96 MK III Golf, bought the day after my crash, sold it for £400 profit after 9 months driving 3rd - 98 Audi A3 8L - Sold it with 249,000 miles on the clock still going strong 4th - 01 Audi A3 8L...
  4. Pops848

    Dropping things in the engine bay

    I dropped half a banana into the engine bay of a police car when I was at BMW.... needless to say I had to find it, having ramps helped though :cool:
  5. Pops848

    Hanging and at work

    Whatever made me think it was a good idea to go out last night? Only to then proceed to play ring of fire, now, leaving me in a half alcohol induced coma to which my only answer to anyone who asks a question is "go for it"..... urgh!
  6. Pops848

    Tax Disc Holders List.

    Has there been any update on these does anyone know?
  7. Pops848

    How not to park your R8

    Problem with that is then your car is no where near human traffic so if thieves want in then no witness'!! Personally, I park my car next to a more expensive car :D
  8. Pops848

    Top Gear Live at the NEC

    I went :D I was there on Thursday so I had Ken Block doing his thang around the arena, was awesome! Agree with the actual car show being naff but the live stuff was well worth it
  9. Pops848

    My mum needs to go to court!

    Complete joke. It's so annoying and damn right disgraceful that the justice system does this to us all. I've been lucky never to have a court case agaisnt me, but I can only admire your mums strength to keep her chin up and smile. Kudos for keeping her head held high through the lot. She knew...
  10. Pops848

    Tax disc holders

    I just bought an s-line tax disc holder. I'd happily throw it and buy a ASN one
  11. Pops848

    So excited..... Impulse Saturday purchase

    Keep it rubber side down mate. Nice bike and best engine :-)
  12. Pops848

    Car accident damaged ? Here is how to tell..

    I think it's all been said. Nice Indra in principle but kinda pointless unless spending serious cash. None of us want to part with any money for for a bad car, but then we can all do things to ensure we buy well. Dealer ships / garages have more after sales and comeback check the car...
  13. Pops848

    Paralympics - The opening ceremony.

    As everyone has said, massive respect for the athletes. I'm sad it doesn't get mainstream coverage like the Olympics but then that's ratings for you! I'll be catching everything I can thought in between doing work... occasionally
  14. Pops848

    Mountain Bike Choice.

    personally, I love Whyte Give them a look Trail > Bike Category > Home > ATB Sales Ltd
  15. Pops848

    My mum needs to go to court!

    I find it totally crazy stupid when people take one another to court for their stupid behaviour. I was knocked off my push bike by a taxi, got nearly 2k in compo but I had my hand in plaster for 6 weeks and numerous follow up appointments for my wrist at the hospital for 2 years. Still don't...
  16. Pops848

    Lottery winners first purchase?

    First purchase - Ascari A10 giving exclusive membership to Ascari's race resort in Spain - race track, pool, bar and every luxury that goes with it! :arco:
  17. Pops848

    My mum needs to go to court!

    Just a bit of background information regarding who presses charges.... Civil Law This is when it is one person suing another, for whatever reason. It can be anything that makes the prosecution feel disadvantaged. In America there has been a case of a surfer suing another because he 'stole' his...
  18. Pops848

    A3 For My First Car?

    I'd like to say no as insurance is calculated on risk - but then women get cheaper car insurance so who knows!! :ermm: Reminds me though, my renewal date was the 30th, by changing it to the 31st (so uninsured for one day) it reduced by £80. I called my insurance company who said they would...
  19. Pops848

    A3 For My First Car?

    Kudos to you for wanting to get an Audi as your first car. Realistically it is going to be expensive but theres plenty you can do to try and help reduce insurance costs. For me I was 17 when I passed my motorbike test, smoked around on two wheels, sometimes one (caught 3 times dangling my front...
  20. Pops848

    9 year jail sentence for 180mph chase

    No respect for the idiot driving the car, but he was chased several times by the police, and evaded capture for quite some time. Got to have some talent behind the wheel for that... Shame it's not put to good use in the first place!