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  1. Simon/s3

    Sat Nav help

    Hi, Apologies is this has already been said had a flick through but couldn't see anything, any help is much appreciated. I have just purchased a 2012 a3 black edition 2.0tdi and loving it so far. It has a screen in there for radio / sat nav etc, that flips up and has a dvd drive and 2 sd card...
  2. Simon/s3

    Engine bay tidy

    Can anyone tell me what needs to be removed to tidy all the pipes away from the top of the rocker cover? I've hear of n249 delete, pcv and sai removal do I need to do all three to declutter? Thanks
  3. Simon/s3

    Do I need better ARBs with my new suspension?

    Hi, I've just purchased a Koni srt suspension kit with h and r springs I also ordered the forge adjustable rear tie bars to sort out the rear camber but reading through some old threads I noticed people mentioning getting new ARBs Aswell, do I need to get some? does it make much difference...