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  1. Wastegate86

    Audi S4 B8 Avant Brilliant Red

    Bought my S4 a few months back. Fell in love due to the really high spec plus it was only 20 minutes from me....winner! Spec: Dual Pan Sunroof Supersport Seats Reversing Camera Electric, Heated, Anti-Glare, Folding Mirrors With Blind Spot Assistance Adaptive Cruise Control 2G Tech Pack Colour...
  2. Wastegate86

    Possible EGR fault? Advise needed.

    Hi everyone. Need some advise as I don't have much experience with TDI's I own an A6 C7 2.0 tdi, been faultless the first 6months but last couple I've had a Throttle Position Fault coming on and off randomly. Car went to the garage earlier and they've diagnosed it as faulty EGR, priced at...
  3. Wastegate86

    Black edition TDI vs TFSI, B8 vs B8.5 recommendations?

    Currently looking into upgrading my b6 190 Avant for a newer model. Started looking for a b7 special edition but now I'm thinking just go all out and get a b8 as I plan to keep the car a long time. Been looking at the black edition and id like the petrol but I can't seem to find many. So now...