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  1. Pops848


    TG's is just part of the problem, The fact is, the UK cannot drive. I commute 100 miles a day, and as soon as teh clocks change everyone poo's there pants and can't drive, this causes an accident, which means everyone slows down to gawp at the accident, you also get some idiot tweeting about...
  2. Pops848

    What do you hate???

    I hate it when people can't stop explaining themselves. Give me the damn details, not your life story!!! Ask me to fix it I will, don't care what you did after you broke it.
  3. Pops848

    jealousy is a *****

    If you say to a car entusiast a car is just a car... no matter what you drive, it will rattle your cage. Best to just let it go and enjoy the drive home in your Audi. Many cars have good points, the hondas have fantastic engines, they really do last a lifetime. Granted a german engine will...
  4. Pops848

    old age and young chav drivers

    This is very true - and if we can't respect them we should at least give them our patience. When I was walking through town I saw an older gent trying to get on the bus, he was struggling as he had a walking stick and was laden with shopping. Instead of anyone helping some young yobo behind him...
  5. Pops848

    Beware of this guy in Southampton

    How annoying - it's these kind of people they prey on a weakness. Whilst we will do almost anything to help a fellow enthusiast they will take that as a weakness and abuse it. I had a friend who paid over £500 for an engine and the money went missing. Then whilst in the queue for a TV recording...
  6. Pops848

    The speed police who operate in the Somerset area.

    Back to the point in hand, I'd rather take the speeding course, and I did when caught. It brought up what I thought was a lot of useful information. Some of which I knew and some that I didn't. I got the feeling everyone walked away with some insight of how to read the road better. I went on a...
  7. Pops848

    Dirty Thieving scum!

    A bit of a brutal description - not that I disagree on any account. Anyone found in a property that they do not have permission should not be entitled to any human rights, or any rights what so ever! Hopefully though the government will finally put through that people protecting their home with...
  8. Pops848

    Dirty Thieving scum!

    As much as the idea of TB to thieving scum is delightful there will be two reasons why the carpet grip stays clean. 1.) I don't want dog poo on my fence 2.) Respect for emergency services that ever need to clamber over my wall in case of emergency. Granted I know I have spikes there, but fire...
  9. Pops848

    Dirty Thieving scum!

    I've put the carpet grip up for the moment, if I notice it being pulled off or touched then I will replace them with some of the nastier stuff. I have a sign up that says warning spikes but tbh, I hope they miss it and cut themselves. A friend of mine had a similar problem, next time the tw@...
  10. Pops848

    Dirty Thieving scum!

    If it were only that simple!!
  11. Pops848

    Dirty Thieving scum!

    That's a risk I'll take, over 1200 paintballs in my attack pack. Dirty Sanchez has nothing on me, I'm going for a new world record. I work for an electricty company. This could be done. I also work in the emergency centre dispatching engineers to dangerous situations. I might turn the system...
  12. Pops848

    Dirty Thieving scum!

    That's the most annoying part of it. Try to protect your home and you end up getting the stick for it. To be honest I have had enough now, if I get dragged to court I will happily tell the judge that I intentionally hurt any scum bag that tried to unlawfully enter my property, and I'd do it...
  13. Pops848

    Dirty Thieving scum!

    First break in was into my garage, lost all my tools, didn't touch my two motorbikes though. Second break in wasn in the house, 3 kids who had burgled 6 other houses that night. Third was two months ago, never caught the worthless scum bag Fourth was yesterday and was seen by my neighbour who...
  14. Pops848

    Dirty Thieving scum!

    I hear what your saying but there comes a time that I will take the risk of being sued instead of being burgled. Put spikes up ony back gate but that didn't stop them so will be taking more serious action this time.
  15. Pops848

    Dirty Thieving scum!

    I am fed up of dirty thieving scum that prey on the life of society to fill the drug riddled disgusting bodies that need to be disposed of. This is the FOURTH time I have been burgled in as many years. First time 3 kids literally smashed my patio doors and stole jewellery and had car keys in...
  16. Pops848

    TNT Delivery - Fecking useless!

    Totally agree with all thats been said. I bought two headlights and rear light from ebay, sent via TNT.. all 3 smashed when they arrived, useless tw@s
  17. Pops848

    Is this right? (woman rant..)

    Why is it out of the question? Pull out and throw it in her face shouting go web go!
  18. Pops848

    Is this right? (woman rant..)

    I've actually done that before... I was more worried about my car then getting a knife in the back so I slept on my drive and put my car in my bed
  19. Pops848

    Is this right? (woman rant..)

    As every has said... She's immature and spoilt. Sorry to say that as it's harsh especially when you have feelings for someone. My previous ex is similar, 19 years old, expected the world but wanted to give nothing. Then one day she said she was gonna smash up my Audi. Told her to get stuffed...