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  1. Wu11ie

    Where can I get a power folding passenger mirror?

    As above, I've looked through the for sale threads and can't see anything, Only having the drivers one is a bit odd so I'm looking to get the passenger one too, Any help would be appreciated :)
  2. Wu11ie

    Which fog light bulbs to upgrade to?

    Hi folks, I'm looking for advice on fog light bulbs. One of mine has blown so I'm taking the opportunity to upgrade them to brighter and whiter ones but the selection seems to be huuuuge!! Lol, Can anybody show me what you've got or what you use/recommend? Thanks in advance :).
  3. Wu11ie

    Bought the keys but still can't get the HU out!!, Aaaaarrrggghhh

    As above folks, I bought the keys but the HU still seems stuck solid, is there something I'm not doing properly? I've come close to taking a hammer and screwdriver to it twice today! Any advice would REALLY be appreciated, thanks.
  4. Wu11ie

    And this is why NOT to use Royal Mail :(

    Selling parts from my last car and sold my OPC grill on ebay, a few days later it turned up at the buyers house.......... In pieces!, even though it was Wrapped in bubble wrap and a heavy duty bag they still managed to split the surround, break all 3 lugs and break the grill part away from the...
  5. Wu11ie

    Wu11ie's A4 B6 1.8t Quattro thread.....

    Well since I'm planning on keeping this for a while I've decided to start a build thread, I've only had it for a few weeks so I've not done much yet, this is how I got it. First thing I done was colour code the chrome grill surround and the 4 rings to black and put my number plate on to...
  6. Wu11ie

    How do you get the climate control out?

    I've looked through the DIY section but I can't see anything, I want it out to replace the buttons but I can't see any easy ways to do it, can anyone shed some light? Thanks,
  7. Wu11ie

    Remapping in Glasgow, where to go?

    As above, the nephew has an 2012 A4 Sline TDI he's looking to get it remapped, as we're both new to VAG cars we don't know where to go, Where's the best place and what kinda prices is he looking at? Thanks,
  8. Wu11ie

    Which mudguards for Votex kit?

    As above, Been looking St getting a set of mudguards but will standard ones fit with the Votex kit on mine?
  9. Wu11ie

    Symphony head unit lights up but nothing else happening?

    As above, The head unit in the car is lighting up but nothing else, the back light for the display and buttons are working but that's it, no sound or anything, Any ideas?? Thanks :)
  10. Wu11ie

    What's this interior trim called?

    As title, this is the interior trim in my car but does anyone know what's it's official title is? Thanks in advance :)
  11. Wu11ie

    Will these wheels fit my B6?

    I've found a set of wheels I like but I'm not sure if they'll fit, they're 8J ET47 With 245/40/18 tyres, Anyone know if they'll catch or rub? Thanks in advance :)
  12. Wu11ie

    V5/Log book question

    I took my private plate off the Vectra yesterday to get it ready to sell. I done it online and have the confirmation email telling me to put the original plate back on which I've now done. My question is this...... Do I have to wait on the new V5 coming through with the original plate before I...
  13. Wu11ie

    My latest problem, more help needed please.

    Right, this is my latest head scratcher.... When I get in the car and turn the ignition on the radio turns on and beeps 3 times and the display shows 'Phone', I tried searching with my Bluetooth and it finds 'Parrot CL......'. I've tried connecting to it but it won't let me, Anybody had this...
  14. Wu11ie

    Anyone around Glasgow area with VCDS/VAGCOM?

    As above, anybody around Glasgow area with VCDS or VagCom who'd be willing to scan my car? I've got no heat in the cabin and I'm trying to find out why. Beer vouchers will be provided :) Thanks.
  15. Wu11ie

    Which VCDS cable do I buy?

    Looking through eBay and the prices are all over the place, some look decent some look rubbish lol, can anyone tell me what to buy? I've already got the software, I just need the cable. Thanks in advance.
  16. Wu11ie

    Heater not working, please help!

    My car is an 02 1.8t, I've just got the car back from the garage after having the wheel bearings fixed and I've discovered the heater doesn't work!! The temp gauge goes up to and sits at 90 no bother, but there's no heat inside. The pipes in the bay are warm as is the expansion tank so the...
  17. Wu11ie

    Garage tomorrow for possible wheel bearings, what price should I expect?

    As above, think the car needs a front wheel bearing, anybody know what I should roughly expect to pay? It's a 2002 1.8t Quattro Sport Saloon Thanks in advance :)
  18. Wu11ie

    Anybody got a set of these on their B6?

    As above, anybody running these wheels? Also would these be a direct fit even tho their off a B7? Ideally I want to put them on this Thanks :)
  19. Wu11ie

    Can you guys tell me exactly what I have here?

    Just bought my A4 today and I've been reading through the forum, it's huuuuge!!!, definite wealth of knowledge and I'll probably need every bit of it! Lol Would I be right in saying I have a B6 A4? Can anybody tell me a bit more or point me in the direction of where to read up on them...
  20. Wu11ie

    Another new guy, first ever Audi..

    Hi folks, picked up my first ever Audi this morning, needs a few things done so I've joined up to pester you experts lol, Pic of my Audi... And a pic of the outgoing Vectra Love this car to bits but need something a bit more comfy for the new baby.