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  1. audiA7kidd

    A7 Lower Suspension Wishbone Arm

    Hi all, I’ve just had my 2013 A7 TDI in for a Halfords Major Service and they picked up a few things. The main concern is that both lower suspension wishbone arms (front axle) need replacing as the suspension arm bush has detached from its bonding. Halfords have quoted £450 for replacement...
  2. audiA7kidd

    For Sale Audi A7 C7 Steering Wheel S-Line

    GENUINE COMPATIBLE WORKING AUDI AIRBAG INCLUDED IN SALE!!! AUDI A6 C7 A7 4G8 S LINE LEATHER MULTIFUNCTION STEERING WHEEL WITH PADDLE SHIFTS. Condition is "Good condition and Used”. £399 Posted Hello all, for sale is my recently removed (15/04/21) Audi Multifunctional steering wheel taken...
  3. audiA7kidd

    Wanted Wanted. S7/RS7 Matte Chome Wing Mirror Caps

    After a set of these NON LANE CHANGE ASSIST. Let me know what you have. Can trade for my Black A7 caps. ideally I’m after a set of genuine Audi caps and not some Chinese repro/AliExpress ones. Thanks