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  1. OliNix

    3GP/+ Google Earth Overlay Works Again!

    Just thought I would select google earth in map type in my MMI to be greeted with the depressing not working message, and to my shock it loaded and is working!! Can anyone shed any light on how or why?? OliNix B8.5 S4 Avant - Glacier White
  2. OliNix

    Help Please Anybody used either of the Audi Child Seat Underlays?

    So the time has come in life where I now need to install a child seat in my S4... I would like to protect the nice alcantara seats from said little mans feet/boots/shoes/food/etc. Audi do 2 different car seat underlays to protect the seats: 4L0019819 - Protects the seat base and has 2 little...
  3. OliNix

    Be wary of this S4 (OY64 KGA)

    If anyone sees the below S4 for sale: Reg: OY64 KGA I suggest you give it some serious thought before purchasing. It is advertised as “stolen/recovered”. However, what they really mean is severely crashed. Details of advert: Details of damage: This...
  4. OliNix

    P1020 High Fuel Pressure Fuel Fault Help

    So this has been quite a long standing problem I have had on my 3.0TDI, but it has recently become undrivable! When under load (used to be full throttle now it is most of the time) I get a flashing coil light. If I do a scan, the fault I get is “Fuel Pressure Regulation Control limit exceeded...
  5. OliNix

    Help Running Throttle Body/Valve Alignment

    I’m hoping someone can help me.... As some of you may have followed, I have recently done a full engine rebuild on my 3.0TDI after the timing chains jumped. Now as the last part of getting it back on the road I have a couple of niggly error codes, one of which relates to throttle valve...
  6. OliNix

    Need pics of LHS of 3.0TDI (BKN) engine bay

    When I took my engine out I have a lot of pics of the RHS (as you look out of the car) but not the LHS. I have a rogue vacuum hose and need to work out the routing for the radiator coolant top hose. Can someone remove the cover off of their engine and take a picture similar to below but for the...
  7. OliNix

    I Need Your 3.0 TDI Engine/Engine Bay Pics Please!

    As some of you may know I have been rebuilding my 3.0TDI (BKN) engine. It is now back together and pretty much ready to go into the car. However! I didn't take many photos when disconnecting all of the fluid lines (DOH!).... If any of you lovely people with 3.0TDI BKN engines could remove the...
  8. OliNix

    3.0L TDI (BKN) Piston ring recommendations?

    Pretty much as the title, engine is fully stripped so going to replace the piston rings and bottom end bearings. Audi want £1200 for the bearings, bolts and piston rings!!! This is obscene! Does anybody have any experience of using aftermarket versions? Costs? Source? Etc... Thanks in advance!
  9. OliNix

    3.0 TDI Quattro (BKN) engine removal

    So today I started to tackle changing my timing chains, as the drivers side bank one has jumped and now it won't run. I have removed all the front end, rads, etc. Removed all the loom, injectors, inlet manifolds and rocker covers. All the cams and followers look ok, no damage. Next step is to...
  10. OliNix

    XCarLink turns off when I turn engine on!

    I have a 2005 B7 A4 Avant 3.0TDI with RNS-E and Bose as standard, no MFSW and no CD Changer. I have just bought an XCarLink SKU919, I installed it no problem and coded in a CDChanger using VAG-COM using the code 0319113 (was 0319111) for the RNS-E module, it works great while engine isn't...