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  1. Wastegate86

    Swap steering whell from b9 to b8

    Not an easy swap, fit a B8.5 wheel instead.
  2. Wastegate86

    S4 b8 grill

    Ebay has plenty of aftermarket ones to choose from. Fitment took me a few hours in total but it wasn't difficult if you follow a YouTube guide. The most fiddly bit for me was getting my park sensors to fit properly in the mounts they supplied. Don't forget to spray the crash bar black too.
  3. Wastegate86

    Audi S4 B8 Avant Brilliant Red

    The base pn is 8k2857185 but then the end letters vary depending on MMI size, panel colour and year it was made. The only differences are silver or black which you can see, and Low or High MMI which is stated on a white sticker fitted to each panel. Low being a 6.5inch MMI and high being a 7inch...
  4. Wastegate86

    Audi S4 B8 Avant Brilliant Red

    I heard TPS sell them new for around £300 or there's ebay. Black ones are pretty rare and usually pricey otherwise you can always spray a silver one black yourself.
  5. Wastegate86

    Audi S4 B8 Avant Brilliant Red

    Fitted a b8.5 gloss black dash panel and metal pedals to finish off the interior look.
  6. Wastegate86

    Audi S4 B8 Avant Brilliant Red

    Next I decided to update the awful steering wheel and shifter. Didn't have the balls to mod the selector to a front facing one yet but maybe in the future. The RS4 wheels looks and feels amazing and the perforated leather gear selector match up quite nicely. Other interior mods I'll be doing...
  7. Wastegate86

    Audi S4 B8 Avant Brilliant Red

    Bought my S4 a few months back. Fell in love due to the really high spec plus it was only 20 minutes from me....winner! Spec: Dual Pan Sunroof Supersport Seats Reversing Camera Electric, Heated, Anti-Glare, Folding Mirrors With Blind Spot Assistance Adaptive Cruise Control 2G Tech Pack Colour...
  8. Wastegate86

    B8/B8.5 A4/S4 PDF Uk Brochures

    I'd also be interested in getting a look at these. Anyone got a useable link?
  9. Wastegate86

    Possible EGR fault? Advise needed.

    Hi everyone. Need some advise as I don't have much experience with TDI's I own an A6 C7 2.0 tdi, been faultless the first 6months but last couple I've had a Throttle Position Fault coming on and off randomly. Car went to the garage earlier and they've diagnosed it as faulty EGR, priced at...
  10. Wastegate86

    2013 audi A6 alloy dilemma

    Stick to silver or grey, anything else looks crap IMO. Or just man up and swap over to some 20" rotors
  11. Wastegate86

    Black edition TDI vs TFSI, B8 vs B8.5 recommendations?

    Yeah the price concerns me slightly as it's around 3k difference. However I'm a sucker for the flat bottom steering wheel plus I prefer the facelift. The way I look at it is if it's 3years younger then it's worth the 3k. Is there any other benefits on the B8.5? From what I've read the TFSI had...
  12. Wastegate86

    Black edition TDI vs TFSI, B8 vs B8.5 recommendations?

    Currently looking into upgrading my b6 190 Avant for a newer model. Started looking for a b7 special edition but now I'm thinking just go all out and get a b8 as I plan to keep the car a long time. Been looking at the black edition and id like the petrol but I can't seem to find many. So now...
  13. Wastegate86

    Should the UK stay in the EU?

    I'm out but I'm lucky to have guaranteed job security. If I didn't then id probably vote the other way....too much uncertainty!
  14. Wastegate86

    New series of Topgear.

    Thought Matt was entertaining, Chris was a mess!
  15. Wastegate86

    What do you do for a job?

    Avionics Engineer RAF
  16. Wastegate86

    Audi A4 major leak

    Wow that's impressive. Shows how long these parts can last if left alone.
  17. Wastegate86

    Audi A4 major leak

    So did you buy the car with no history of the belt and pump being done?
  18. Wastegate86

    Replacement Front Wings

    I was lucky with mine, the paint depth gauge was broken when I visited ha
  19. Wastegate86

    Android RNS-E replacement

    Been looking into one of the these units recently but struggling to pick which one. There the pumpkin unit from several Chinese sellers or there's an unbranded unit being sold by Ice Box Autos but they're a genuine UK company??
  20. Wastegate86

    Replacement Front Wings

    Was pretty painless for me but they're not paying 100% so I'm sure that helps. Looking at what the work would have cost me privately it was a no brainer. All they did was take some photos and send off a claim to head office. Decision came back after couple weeks. Also been given a courtesy car...