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  1. yargnat

    Strange problem - Electric window moves in steps

    Well, went out tonight with the vagcom to scan the car, checked the door controller for errors, and a couple were present. Cleared them off, and window seems fine now. Will lubricate the channels as suggested, and keep an eye on it.
  2. yargnat

    Strange problem - Electric window moves in steps

    Wonder if anyone has seen this before. Electric front passenger window only. The window only moves about 1-2cm when operated. So, lets say the window is all the way up - press down, and the window moves 2cm then stops. Release, press down again, and the same thing. Press up, and it will move up...
  3. yargnat

    Trickle charging a stop-start battery

    Something to consider - not all the stop-start cars have AGM batteries. I had an EFB in mine from the factory.
  4. yargnat

    Audi Sound System Speaker Upgrade

    Speakers fitted today. Initial impressions are the vocals has moved forward, and actually have some body now. They will need to bed in a for a while, but I think it is a good improvement. I did have 3 mishaps fitting them though! Broke clips on both side baskets, and 2 clips from centre...
  5. yargnat

    Audi Sound System Speaker Upgrade

    Speakers ordered from third party source have arrived. I'll hack of the ears this weekend. Cables ordered from Bruce, hopefully arriving soon
  6. yargnat

    Avant Subwoofer upgrade

    Thought I'd share a quick and dirty upgrade I made this morning. I was swapping my battery, which means I had the subwoofer out, and saw that the speaker is a standard 6.5" size. I removed the speaker from the housing (T15 or T20 Torx) The orginal VW speaker uses standard spade connectors, and...
  7. yargnat

    Whats missing from my car toolkit?

    Hi, Just purchased a new to me B9 Allroad. I had a quick look under the bootfloor, and notice some empty slots! could someone kindly let me know if the missing bits are important, and what they are? Thanks, Ray