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    Which version of the theme do you prefer?

    You may or may not have noticed but there is the option to switch between light and dark versions of the theme. This is just a quick poll to see which you prefer... If you haven't tried the switch, it's at the top of the right hand side bar ->
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    New Cool Wall with voting

    I hope it works well and people enjoy it... :)
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    New Cool Wall with voting

    We have up graded The Cool Wall... You can now add your favourite cars and everyone else can vote on just how cool they really are..
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    Website certificate expired

    Hi Yes you are correct and I have been squeezing the soft parts of the people who let this happen again :) We can't automate the renewal (for some unknown reason best known to I don't know who) and I have had loads of calls with our hosting company saying please don't let it happen again. So on...
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    Discounted New Audi Cars

    Hi all as you might have noticed we have added a new button to the menu. We have been working to allow members of ASN to get discounted prices from Main Dealers. All you have to do is visit and configure the car you wish to get a price on. There is no obligation or cost to this...
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    Important security warning for anyone uploading pictures

    Hi All Since about 2011 almost all phones and devices have been geo-taging your images. This was done by the Americans for reasons that I think they thought were helpful to the emergency services and has been the standard to a lot of social media websites like facebook and twitter. How do you...
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    The Eastern Spammers

    We seem to be getting hit from China, Korea and India. The problem is that they are using real people to post the spam. We are having to block these countries to try and stop it but it will also block real people as well. I hope that it will slow down soon. A
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    Duel account

    Hi Guys If you list the accounts you have and let me know which one you want to keep I'll merge them that way you won't lose anything. You need to let me know which of the account you want to keep. Many thanks A
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    Rate your dealer

    We are adding Independents next....
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    Rate your dealer

    We have added a new feature to the site that allows you to rate your dealer. The tab at the top of the screen says Dealer Reviews or click the image below. You will also see new widgets on the side bar that show you the latest reviews by the members. Hope you enjoy this new feature ..
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    Admin help please unable to join user group

    I know why Spartan was having a problem but I can't why you would. What can't you do?
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    Parts Request System

    Welcome to the Parts Request System has launched a new feature on the site to help Audi owners get genuine Audi parts from the dealer network with a discount. The system is very simple to use and will allow you to quickly enter the parts or information you are...
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    Site Speed

    Hi all just to let you know we have been working on making the site faster. Let me know if you find any problem. Many thanks Adam
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    Editing Posts timeout

    Sorry everyone but this hasn't changed since the old software and isn't about to change now it was never 24hrs. The indexing and the additional server load is just one of the things that is against this. This limitation has never been a problem. If you wish to have something changed please...
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    Asn New Mobile Look

    Ok it's off for today..... let me know if out makes a difference A
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    Asn New Mobile Look

    I'm not sure that it's the header that's causing you the problem... we could try a test and turn it off and see...
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    Asn New Mobile Look

    There is now an option in your setting to reverse the post order if you want....
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    Asn New Mobile Look

    few more tweeks done today hope things are more to your liking... Please keep the feed back coming A
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    Asn New Mobile Look

    Hi This is just a thought... What is the brightness set to on your screen... The background of the posts is grey and there is a dark grey border there already... just wondering if that's why they are missing.. A :)
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    Asn New Mobile Look

    hmm better ?