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    iPhone volume

    Hi folks, I’ve a s4 B9 I recently bought from Audi Stirling and when I connect my phone via Bluetooth the volume increases to maximum all on its own. Even if I turn it back down manually on the phone it will increase to maximum. Not a huge issue except when you disconnect and a message comes in...
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    Fuel gauge

    Does anyone know where there might be a fuse for the fuel gauge sender on a 2011 tdi Quattro ? I’ve tested the gauges which are fine. On the pump/ sender there are two plugs, the smaller red/brown plug has no power and I think this is the sender connection. thanks in advance
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    MMI 3g nav not reading disc

    Hi everyone My son has a 2011 A4 Technic quattro with what we believe is the Audi MMI 3g navigation. All has been well for a couple of years but recently the navigation wont show up beyond the searching for satellites page. It doesn't seem to be reading the disc anymore, I have tried the other...
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    New A6 2016 sat nav

    Hi everyone I've just had a new A6 3.0 tdi s-line Quattro delivered as my company car and I absolutely love the car apart from the dreadful sat nav. Coming from a C350 cdi I knew I was going to have to get used to less power but the sat nav and car phone system is spoiling the experience for me...
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    smallest wheels

    Hi Guys Don't suppose any of you would know the smallest wheel diameter I can fit on my wifes 8p Quattro tfsi ? its a 56 plate with 18" wheels just now and I am looking to invest in smaller steel / alloy wheels with winter tyres.
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    Drivers side door check label

    Hello guys My wife has a 2006 A3 Quattro TFSI and when I open the drivers door there is the remnants of a label next to the door latch. I am guessing its something with tyre pressures or chassis information so I was hoping one of you would check and take a picture if you have a label as well ...
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    Quattro TDI 170 turbo noise

    Hi guys My son has just bought an 8P1 Quattro with the diesel engine (his mum has the TFSI Quattro) and we have noticed there is a noticeable siren sound from the turbo. I checked all the hoses were on and the sound is coming from the turbo, now there are a lot of threads on here about using the...
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    re-maps and code reading

    Hi everyone I am pretty new here and have been looking around to do a couple of things on our A3 s-line with the 2.0 tfsi engine. First of all I am looking at a remap for the car and I do understand that there are many options regarding companies offering these things, am I correct in my...