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  1. Pops848

    Can someone explain a few things please?

    If the window works when you press the passenger switch but not he drivers side then I'd guess it's a switch. Two posibles here; window goes down but only with passenger swith not drivers side switch - this is likely a switch fault, pop it out and buy a new one pop it in, £20 if that and it's...
  2. Pops848

    B6 Useful Ebay finds

    Cheap DRL's on ebay
  3. Pops848

    A/S4 B6 chassis, for sale / classifieds links

    Very cheap DRL's...
  4. Pops848

    looking to fit an rns d into my b6 does any one have a guide to fitting one

    My theory is as follows Put single din concert in glovebox Run aux cable to tablet insert double din cage if not already Put tablet in cage and use a double din facia plate to hold tablet in, no need for a custom bracket Job done, you just play everything from tablet to original concert, so you...
  5. Pops848

    Have a 2006 AUDI A4 QUATTRO power roof opened and now wont re open to close the top,

    Yeah, I'd probably take it to a garage or find a local handyman (there's one in essex that advertise' on ebay). They'll tell you the problem for small fee then you can decide if it's a DIY or garage job
  6. Pops848

    looking to fit an rns d into my b6 does any one have a guide to fitting one

    Sell the RNS, don't put either in. Get a tablet, for £200 you could fit a nexus tablet into your car that has a million more miles functionality compared to any RNS. I was going to do this but then my Audi went bang, thinking about it I might buy an Audi A4 just to play about with, something...
  7. Pops848

    S4 timing chains jumped

    ha, I can't believe that they grind off the Audi logo! How crazy!! Glad you managed to save your engine from the sounds of it, good luck getting it plumbed in and turning the key!
  8. Pops848

    Concert audio system

    Audi audio is notoriously annoying, rear speakers and front speakers might be wired differently, and BOSE systems are even worse. You'll end up attacking lots of different wires. I'd contact halfords or a local audio specialist and ask for an all in price including fitting, might be a bit more...
  9. Pops848

    Washer bottle cover differences?

    Where are you buying it from? They should be able to match what you need from a reg plate
  10. Pops848

    Have a 2006 AUDI A4 QUATTRO power roof opened and now wont re open to close the top,

    possible tilt sensors Best thing to do is do a full cycle of your roof manually, ie open it and close it again, or close it, open it and close it again and that will reset all sensors, should work then. If that doesn't work it could be mechanical failure, in which case diagnostics will be needed
  11. Pops848

    Concert audio system

    Get the Aux adapter, much cheaper! 2nd hand concert units can run up to £100 for a decent one! and you might get the same problem 6 months later
  12. Pops848

    Possible causes of high emissions?

    Anyone had experience of terraclean? Basically disconnect fuel, connect this cleaning agent and run the car, it's supposed to break down all deposits and keep the engine running super smooth and lower emissions. Saw it on WD, and thought if I ever have an old diesel I'd give it a go
  13. Pops848

    What do i do?

    Depends on your driving style, what you want the car for, what would you do with money elsewhere etc etc. My A4 2.0 Fsi just blew up, and I was going to go down the route of buying another Audi, 2005ish model or so, but after thinking about it and crunching the numbers I've opted for 13 plate...
  14. Pops848

    Weird one at Halfords yesterday

    As Calum says, the key disarms the immob once it is in the ignition. My key's battery died and whilst I was being lazy and picking up a new battery I had to unlock the car with the key in the door, if I didn't put key in the ignition the alarm would've sounded within about 30 seconds or so...
  15. Pops848

    My Audi went bang!

    Thanks mate, Yup, written it off and picked up the Leon yesterday, it's a wonderful car! She'll be a good commuter. B6 S4 could well be on the cards by the end of the year as a weekender, if I don't buy another motorbike haha!
  16. Pops848

    My Audi went bang!

    This is a 2013 Leon, already driven it and it's superb, it's basically a golf but without the price tag. Same platform, same interior gadgets, same engines, just different badge. Yeah spoke to the scrap company, they said they were going to auction it off
  17. Pops848

    My Audi went bang!

    already gone I'm afraid
  18. Pops848

    My Audi went bang!

    Thanks Sandra, These things happen, just a shame that another audi hits the scrap pile! :sleepy:
  19. Pops848

    B6 Cabriolet Knocking sound on semi lock (Left and Right Turn)

    Hope the coilies fix it mate! If not, and you need CV joints then make sure you do your research, during the 02/03 changeover the A4 went from grooved CV joints to smooth CV joints, the difficulty is that the cabriolet seems to be updated prior to the saloon, so you might already have the...
  20. Pops848

    My Audi went bang!

    tell me about it, such is life though sometimes! Shame as full service history too, so wasn't even due for another 20k or 3 years