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    Front Tyre Wear

    Just under 3mm left on my front conti's, I hate them and getting bad wobble under heavy breaking when hot so going to change to pss and check balance. Got new pzeros on rear as an alloy was replaced when I bought so they're going to have to be replaced with pss too which is going to be pricy...
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    Collected my RS3 last week.

    Welcome and enjoy ;)
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    picking the RS3 up this week.

    Enjoy mate ;) had mine a week and love it! I've had no break squeal, yet!
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    Car thieves

    It is a worry but gap & car insurance are there to pay out if the unfortunate happens! I wouldn't let the scum put you off owing an RS3 and I would strongly recommend owning one you won't regret it ;)
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    Out with the S3, in with the RS3 :)

    Thank you for the kind words gentlemen :) In reply to Gilford, I dealt with James Letterese and Michael Swetman. Top blokes and a pleasure to deal with. How come you are thinking of shifting? I also had a goodwill gesture towards the car due to my treatment with my local dealer when trying to...
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    Out with the S3, in with the RS3 :)

    Took the drive up to Tamworth Audi this morning to do the trade, Out, In, Well, absolutely blown away by it :wub: Once I hit the dual carriageway I couldn't help but shout obscenities, the acceleration and power is nuts! The spec as far as I am aware so far is...