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    Random smoke confusion

    So do any of you guys random smoke issues on your b8 3.0 TDi’s ? Some days I get none some days I get a little there’s no set routine or condition to when it happensall this is on idle / no load It reminds me of like on one of my old Saab diesels when it was regening the dpf but my cars had...
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    B8 3.0tdi diagnosis

    All fuses / relays checked removed rear seat base pump isn’t that loud , could the lift put fail enough to not provide enough pressure but still pump ?
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    B8 3.0tdi diagnosis

    Fuses checked in the dash , where’s the relay located ? ,is there no where in vag com to to check pressure ?
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    B8 3.0tdi diagnosis

    Had the coil light flash up this morning and about 5 seconds later total loss of power and no restart recovery agent plugged in the diagnostics and got code p0087 , now it’s been recovered home what am I looking for in VCDS to try and pin point the cause of this ? Cheers
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    3.0 dpf b8

    Hi guys how do you tell what type of dpf I’ve got as I see there is a long and short version ? Mines a 2009
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    B8 avant suspension lift

    I know this isn’t the normal thing for these cars but has any one gone up instead of down on these cars I guess doin the allroad mods will take me that height but has any one gone further ? I’ve seen strut spacers on eBay that are plus 40mm just wondered if q5 struts would fit ? I’ve seen a...