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    Driving License Renewal - Reminder D798

    Does anyone know when I can expect to receive this? My photocard license expires in December this year. However, as I live in the states, it takes a while for the redirection to get to me. I was wondering how much notice I'll get on this one? The DVLA website isn't exactly clear on this...
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    Sexy Snape - Random, but bound to be better than poopcicle This is very very random...
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    Mike Ashley

    There just aren't enough rude words on the internet to describe what a moron the man is. It beggars belief, even for the modern "game". *sigh*
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    Anyone know of a good place to sell an RS6

    I'm going to be selling the car (moving to USA) and was wondering if anyone knows a good place to list it. I'm going to try pistonheads and the trader. Any others people have had success with? Mike
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    G meter Is this the best thing BMW have made in years?
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    iPhone/Generic Smartphone App???

    I have no idea how easy this would be; I can see it becoming more popular in the future. Is it possible to create an app for the iPhone? I mean I know it must be - there is a facebook app. I mean is it really difficult?
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    RS6 cam belt interval

    Can you confirm the RS6 cambelt should be 3 years/60,000 miles? I'm getting a whole lot of confusion here!!! Cheers, Mike
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    American News Clip

    Spot the battering ram they used to break the door down Mike
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    F**king nails

    Grr. Nail in my tyre this morning. Hope it will repair, otherwise that's 2 x michelin pilot sports in a 255 x 19 needed!!! They've still got about 4.5 mm on them too! F**king sh1tty roads in Aberdeen..... B@stards!
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    Question for a plumber - pressure reducing valve

    Morning all, In my 2001 built house I've got a 2.1 bar PRV on the supply. This seems a bit underpowered, especially with the garden hose. I'm guessing it's required, as it's a newish house and I can't see the company that built it stretching to any extra expense. I want to change it out, but...
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    60 GB vs 40 GB PS3?

    I'm finally getting around to getting a PS3 and thinking of buying a used 60 GB (with the backward compatability), which with some games can get up to £500. Or should I just forget about the old PS2 games (I still enjoy having a thrash around on GTA now and again) and get the 40 GB version...
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    Addictive game

    This is great
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    £250 - dilemma

    OK, I got a random "well done" from work so now have £250 to spend on stuff; I just claim it back via expenses. So now I've got a dilemma - what do I spend it on. Do I buy something I would have bought anyway, so it's not really any different? Do I spend it on something I would never normally...
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    Spam on forum?

    Is it just me or does there seem to be far more spam coming through on the boards compared to about a year ago? Europlates, test messages, random, random stuff. I'm not having a go at anyone (other than the spammers) but they seem to be getting more and more ingenious. I remember a while...
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    Dave the hen

    Dave came home from the pub late one Friday evening stinking drunk, as he often did, and crept into bed beside his wife who was already asleep. He gave her a peck on the cheek and fell asleep. When he awoke he found a strange man standing at the end of his bed wearing a long flowing white...
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    NETool modelling - oil wells question

    OK, this is a little bit random, but there are loads of Audis in Aberdeen, so here goes.... Is anyone using NETool for horizontal well modelling?? I'm to design some initial well clean up procedures for long horizontals with ICDs to make sure there is no sand cutting of said ICDs/screens...
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    Fantasy Football

    OK, who's interested in an fantasy football league next season? I've included a poll so that everyone who is interested doesn't have to post, just click a button. Mike
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    Anyone been to Barbados? Thinking about going as virgin have a flight sale on. Never been and don't know much about it. cheers, Mike
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    V-power for unleaded price

    They're running a 1 day only offer of v-power for the standard unleaded price at cocket hat station in Aberdeen. Now before all of you jump in your cars to get here, I do realise this is a limited audience. However, maybe they will be running this in other areas (we are near the beginning of...
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    Fitted seat covers

    Anyone know where I can get a fitted seat cover for the back seat so the dog can come in the TT? The seat belt would need to be able to go through so I could fasten up the doggy seat belt (he's just too big to fit in the boot). Cheers, Mike