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    Black edition remap?

    Thanks for help guys. I take it you just plug the box into obd connection and select which map you want? Is it really as simple as this?
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    Black edition remap?

    i have a 170bhp black edition and was wondering if any one has experience of getting these remapped? Revo are currently offering 25% off so it's around £270 all in. They advertise up to 208bhp, and up to 318lbft of torque. Car has sufficient power as it is, but for £270 it's not a huge out lay...
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    Black edition questions

    You are right, hence why I said turn them off when not wanted! Every other car I've driven with sensors on the front have alarmed to alert you if you start to near an object, not just when parking! I'm surprised that audi is different to this
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    Black edition questions

    hi all Well I went out and treated myself to a 2011 black edition 170 last week, it is Xmas after all! I'm delighted with the car although a little nervous when the wife's at the wheel! I've been getting to grips with all the different functions however there's s couple I'm not sure about...
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    A4 buying advice

    hello all. I'm currently looking to buy an a4 but don't really know the differences between all the models. I test drove an 143 se a couple of weeks ago which was a nice drive and felt like it had ample power. Although it had a couple of extras including reversing sensors, and an ipod...
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    headlight adjustment?

    ok thanks I take it thats something that has to be done at an audi garage?
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    headlight adjustment?

    hello all just back from my mot and they ****** failed it as the headlights beam is apparently too low. Went to kwik fit as they were cheap, but they didnt know how to adjust, therefore I got the red refusal sheet! Is it possible to manually adjust the headlights? I read some where that there...
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    Lowering springs

    i have koni fsd shocks on my car. had a broken spring on the back which failed mot, so ended up getting eibach pro kit as audi were wanting 90 odd quid for back springs. got mine from dpm which was the best price i could find. ride height has lowered slightly, looks absolutely perfect now on...
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    mine also goes down to single figure when booting it. it will go down to 5mpg!!!! never bought the car to get good mpg
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    eibach springs help

    exactly my thoughts too. didnt bother fitting them! doing fronts now!
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    eibach springs help

    hi everybody im in the middle of fitting my eibach lowering springs. doing the rears at the minute, noticed that you get a big black rubber plate with the springs. is it nessecary to fit this? and presumably it goes onto the bottom plate of the springs seat. can someone confirm this please...
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    where can I buy this turbo pipe??

    Hello all Car developed massive boost leak recently and ive found out its the pipe which connects onto the top of the turbo, and then joins the metal pipe which runs to the inlet manifold. Audi quoted me £95 which seems a little steep! does anyone know where I could find out elsewhere? Been...
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    Cooling fan

    Hello all My cooling fan seems to come on at pretty random times. It can sometimes come on when ive just started the car up, even when cold. Im pretty sure the thermostat is knackered as the temp gauge shows readings from 70-90. I take it this may have someting to do with it? also, when the...
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    New Brakes

    yes that price will be per disc! you will probably find that there as cheap as anywhere else out there, infact im about to order a complete set up myself!
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    Is this site ok?

    has anyone ever used ?? they seem to have a wide range of parts, most being a fair bit cheaper than vagparts. I am looking to get a complete set of brakes, and these guys seem cheapest i can find anywhere. Just curious to see if anyone has used them????
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    correct engine temp

    Recently had water pump, cam belt changed. Since work done, the engine sits at a lower temperature than before. It used to sit bang on 90 when warmed up, but now its more like 85, can even drop down to below 80 sometimes. Just wondering if this is in anyway a bad thing??
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    DIS Pixel faults

    did you get a good servie from them millwrx?? I noticed one of their adds on ebay and im planning going for it. my distorted screen is really starting to bug me!!!
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    Mapping in Scotland

    theres a revo dealer in aberdeen. i got mine done by a guy duncan sutherland in inverness, very helpful knowledgable guy:blackrs4:
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    few pics of old s3 before i sold it

    dan you car is beautiful!! do you know how dark your tints are?? they look perfect
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    how to test a dump valve??

    any one??