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    Radio volume default?

    My A3 with B&O remembers the volume, more than often blown my eardrums to pieces at 8am.
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    loving my S3

    I'm definitely not Jealous at all, looking forward to the 30th so i can go in to place my order.
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    Insurance - Right Model?

    Churchill was the cheapest i could find! Have a look with them direct!
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    Insurance - Right Model?

    Thanks for the replies, rajeev im having the opposite problem, if its a Nav my insurance will be £600 a year if its not it will be £1200. If it's 600 i won't mind.
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    Insurance - Right Model?

    Evening All, I'm currently trying to decide whether to buy an S3 or not. I'm attempting to gauge what my insurance cost will be per year fully comp, when i search for the model to get a quote i'm seeing 2 different "derivatives" AUDI A3 2.0T (15ON) 3D AU S3 NAV QUATTRO 1984CC 3DR, and AUDI A3 S3...
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    Dealer issues

    I bought my current A3 from Plymouth Audi and found them brilliant to deal with, i went back in a few weeks ago about changing my car and was bitterly disappointed with the service i received as a returning customer. I've got a service due in the next month, so will give them one more chance...
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    Less activity on ASN since March 1st...?

    For the record im still around, check here most days just dont have time to post as im usually staring out the window ogling or driving arounf making other ogle. Must say 'dynamic' put many grins on face today in the gorgeous weather.
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    Waiting for build week 8 delivery

    Mine was either built earlier than i was told or i got incredibly lucky.
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    Audi Ensurance - free accident management cover

    The one thing i had forgotten to do, thanks for reminding me.
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    audi s3 start stop feature

    i personally dont see what people have against it, i love it on mine, and it only activates when not in gear anyway, useful when sat at traffic lights.
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    Simply Stunning and Awesome!

    Is indeed the S Line Suspension, the smoothest ride i have EVER had, coilovers on my ibiza were horrendous, 2 mph over speed bumps, its so smooth can just whizz over them! Bear in mind its on a slight hill so the front is higher and the back lower in the second picture. Will put some proper ones...
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    Simply Stunning and Awesome!

    Couple of photos i took on my phone, lost track of time so didnt get any proper photos. Sat on the showroom, after being unveiled. Sat at home on the drive. Spoke to audi regarding the alloy, ive got too take it back so the alloy can be repaired.
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    Simply Stunning and Awesome!

    Haha, they didnt appeal to me as much as the car did/does.
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    Simply Stunning and Awesome!

    Got an ipod mmi cable, to which i replied i dont have an ipod, my salesman then gave me a little ipod shuffle i think, got a sketch photo of my car, an umbrella, and money off my service pack. Oh some flowers, hastily given to my mother. Think that was all.
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    Simply Stunning and Awesome!

    Just got back from collecting my car and it is simply stunning, definitely worth the wait. Dealer was fantastic, got a few freebies and money off my service pack as the car didnt have full tank of fuel that we agreed. Only small problem was didnt notice a small scuff on the ns/f alloy until we...
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    Now playing the 'impatient' waiting game

    Its the same in the uk the daytona is only available on s line models, but the price is the same for optional and the daytona colours.
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    Now playing the 'impatient' waiting game

    In the uk both monsoon and daytona are in the optional and sline colours, both of these cost an extra £525.
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    Now playing the 'impatient' waiting game

    36 Hours and 37 minutes till i collect mine. Need to charge my camera!
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    Who collects on 1st March 14?

    Thats looks awesome with the privacy glass, totally agree pilot in regards to the 8p and 8v, was so glad i held off buying an 8p.
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    young driver on an Audi

    I agree what insurance companies charge is ludicrous some people are lucky and can afford their insurance i would say the same get him in a cheap run around for a year or two build some no claims and then see what an audi would be!