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    Heated (blow) winscreen fault

    Hello all, I jumped into my car tonight after a run and instintly steamed up the windscreen. When i pressed the Heated windscreen button the fans went from low to full speed, but the air only came out of the far right and far left forward facing adjustable vents. I tried setting the air to go...
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    Audi A4 2.5 180 Quattro Driving characteristics

    Hi All I have recently purchased my fifth Audi this one being my third A4. This time i have gone for a 2003 A4 2.5 tdi 180 Quattro Avant replacing a 2002 a4 2.5 163 Multitronic Convertible and the first Quattro A4 (also had Quattro A3 and have a Quattro A5 Coupe) I have owned. the car has...
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    3 Letter car codes.

    Hi All I have been looking for rear Brake pads and discs for my A4 but there seems to be two types for the convertible depending on the codes 1KD or 1KP these are sized 245x10mm or 255x12mm. How do i find out which ones are for my car? I could measure them but would like to be a little more...
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    Multi-tronic gearbox issue - possible fix

    hi all A bit of Info that may help someone later. I recently purchased a 2003 2.5 TDI V6 Multitronic with a reconditioned gearbox, this was done by an gearbox specialist (not Audi). After driving a fantasic 500 miles home i started to drive it round my town only to have it try and kill me...
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    a4 multitronic problems... Whats new!

    Hi all I have read lots of pages on the web about faults with the multitronic gearbox but i have an issue that i have only found one question that matches my issue but there was no reply. My car is the 2.5 tdi multitronic it has 75k miles and had a recon box 2k miles ago. When i slow down...
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    A4 convertible arial fault

    Hi all, when my 2003 A4 convertible was in for a new key at Audi I asked them to check why my radio reception was intermittent, they did a diagnostic and came back with "using Audi guided fault finding & identified open circuit in wiring at tailgate.requires new aerial wiring" I believe that he...
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    Converible suspension

    Hi all, you may have read my earlier post about returning to an A4. My new car is a 2003 2.5v6 convertible sport. Our other car is an A3 sportback 2.0tdi 170 quattro s-line, I would like to improve the suspension on the A4, I know it is never going to handle like the A3 but is there an easy...
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    replacement for Audi Concert in A4 Cab

    Hi All Iam looking for some advice, i have just bought an A4 cab with the Audi Concert single Din CD player. I want to change it as the volume button is broken, I have a convcersion plate already. I am looking for a CD player that takes SD and possible ipod via usb or ipod cable. Is there...
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    Return to A4

    HI All Been away from the A4's for a while as i had a A3 but just been out yesterday and bought a 2003 A4 2.5tdi Convertible with Multitronic (yes i know may be spelt T R O U B L E). It has done 73k and had a new gearbox and ECU at 72k so hopingfor the best! I have though a couple of...
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    S111 Reg

    Just seen a ford focus with S111 as it's reg. Wonder how many people have offered to buy it, must be worth a few bob.
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    Egr removal for cleaning - accessing back bolt

    Hi all I need to remove my egr valve on my 56 2.0 tdi 170 to clean it, I can see that it is bolted on to the manifold with 2 T27 bolts and the pipe that must let in exhaust fumes is held on by 2 T50 bolts. But even after undoing the 2 larger bolts the pipe still blocks 1 of the rear bolts...
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    Power problems 2006/56 2l tdi 170dpf

    Hi all Last month my Audi 2006/56 a3 170 Dpf started to cut power at 2000rpm come back on power but was totally lumpy up to 4000rpm. I took it to my local Audi dealer and they wanted £290 to change the exhaust gas temp sensor!!! After picking myself up from the floor I spoke to my dad who is...
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    2.0 TDI EGR pipe

    Hi all my 2006 A3 170 Quattro has done about 29k miles and the yellow engine management light has come one, my wife took it up to our VW/Audi specialist and he checked it over with his computer. He said it was A EGR issue and reset the light advising us to call back if it came back on again. 5...
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    Tyres for 170 Quattro

    Hi all I have 4 Perelli P-Zero Neros fitted to my A3 170 Quattro but after 6500 miles the fronts are down to 3mm!! I love these tyres they grip like s***t and are amazing in the wet But 6.5K does not seem much of a life. are there any better options?
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    Wickes UPVC conservatory

    Hi all I have purchased an ex-display wickes UPVC conservatory and was wondering if anyone had a set of instructions. I get the just of it from the photos i took before it came down but not sure were to use sealent etc.. Thank you Toby
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    £60 Sandwich!!!

    well anoyed with myself, I went to buy a sandwich at lunch time and ran my S-line 18" wheel along a curb sratching it badly!! luckily my tyre is not damaged!! There are a few mobile wheel repaires around perth including wicked wheels are these mobile companies any good?
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    2.0 TFSi 200BHP

    can anyone tell me when VW/SEAT/SKODA/AUDI started putting this engine into there cars. were some using it earlier than others??
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    S3 V 170 TDi Quattro

    Hi All Before i go any further i am not trying to say that my 170 Quattro is faster than an S3 I know it is not! I am just interested on how Audi's faster A3 Diesel matches up against there S3 Petrol, in a real scenario race. Tech data 170 Quattro - 170BHP (some say 180) - 258lbs foot...
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    Conservatory Build Costs

    HI All I have just got a cracking deal on an ex-display wickes conservatory it is 4m wide x 3.5m deep and is a Dawrf wall double hipped bungalow style. I have just had a quote to do the complete building job from scratch (my garden is level). the builder is highly recomened and I know he...
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    A3 on board computer

    I have just been watching a youtube video of and S3. In the top 1/3 of the display the driver was able to swap round some techy info like battrey voltage, i think oil presure (it was german) and more. I know that i can see the oil temp when i go into the menu items but is it possible to see more?