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    A couple of photos for the critics!

    Nick, I too have a black S3 and was thinking of matt blacking the grey trim as its looking quite tried. Have you blacked the side and rear trims and if so do you have a pic. Cheers James
  2. J

    Coolant problem A3 1.6

    My golf gti and my s3 has lost coolant and ive struggled to find the leak. The cause of my problems was the plastic thermostat housing and coolant return connection. These parts are meant to have a flush fitting against the engine block, the parts on both my cars were made of plastic and had...
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    Error: Voltage too Low ?

    You say you have had the car painted including under the bonnet. I would check all the earthing points in the areas affected. Check you've not painted over earth points or got paint into the threads of earth points.
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    What's the maddest bit of road in the UK..??

    I live in Swindon and have to stick up for it.Theres nothing wrong with the magic roundabout, its pretty easy to navigate if you treat it as indepandant rounabouts. I travel across everyday at rush hour and it flows pretty well compared to other large roundabouts.
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    Stuck Nuts!

    I've helped a few people out with this problem before, I got some sockets which have coarse threads cut into the internal wall. You wind them on to the locking nut by using a windy gun, it then cuts its own thread into the locking nut, hopefully when its fully wound on it will lock and remove...
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    compression tests

    A compression test is a way to find out if any of the bores are leaking.The reading you obtain is how much pressure a bore can hold. The lowest reading you should get is 7 bar (100psi). Anything lower indicates a problem, such as headgasket failure, worn piston ring etc... There should not be a...
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    compression tests

    Min is 7 bar which is round 100psi, the max difference between bores is 3 bar(43psi). These specs were taken from a Haynes manual.
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    Kit car help

    Best bet is to look on a forum called, i've been building a locost kit car (seven style), for a year or so now. Any help you need you'll find it on that site. I honestly think that you budget is unrealistic, kit cars seem to bleed you dry of money.You may pay 1000 for an...
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    Feeler for Haldex controller Group Buy

    Just read your post fully sorry.
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    Feeler for Haldex controller Group Buy

    Yeah i'd be interested depending on the location. Any thoughts on a supply only if the distance is too great to travel.
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    Pressure Testing Turbo Hoses.

    Just a thought did you block off the pipe that goes to the throttle body, it could be leaking through TB butterfly or through the idle control valve.
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    Headlight adjustment with VAGCOM

    Anyone know how to put the xenon S3 headlamps into "learn mode" or adjust them with VAGCOM, tried looking but can't find a post that actually details how you go about it? Cheers James
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    Pressure Testing Turbo Hoses.

    Had this saved in my favorites keep meaning to build one.
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    Air lock in coolant system!!! Please Help!!

    Give the bottom hose a good squeeze to try and expel any air, when you dont have anymore bubble in the expansion bottle, top up to the max, replace cap and run car making sure the fan cuts in and doesn't overheat.
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    Couple of questions

    So, as long as I have the base code if it does go tits up I can also re-enter the original.
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    Couple of questions

    Just a couple of questions from a new vag-com user, who scarred he'll damage his car. Firstly, Want to have a go at changing some of the coding on my S3. Mainly want the car to beep when locked, but also a few other things that I have found from searching. What would happen if I got it...
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    Highest Polluting Vehicles!

    Talking of tax increses for cars with high emissions, did anyone watch the Great Global Warming Swindle on C4 about a week ago. Alot of important scientist have stated that CO2 is not causing the global warming. Just wondering what others thought.
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    Minor corrosion round rear hatch lock

    The roof sills started to bubble on my 99 S3 late last year, spoke to Audi over the phone, and they said not a chance. Mentioned that as I was a member of the RAC and would be speaking to there legal department. Guy changed his tune, and told me to bring the car in to be looked at by the service...
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    Ebay ...Again!

    Have you looked in your internet history, might be saved in there.
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    No it was brought from an secondhand garage and a UK car, I guess there investigating the garage I brought it from. I'm PAYE so wouldn't have thought there looking at me. Just worried the car not what I think it is, although I got it HPi'd when it was brought.