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    Immobiliser help needed!

    Hi guys, i have just read the huge error that i have done, basically i have always had a problem with the rev counter on my mums a3 so i decided to take the cluster out to see if there was anything obvious which meant undoin the two connectors on the back. Now i have the immobiliser light...
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    Tdi rev counter stuck past 2k revs?

    Was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this problem basically the rev counter on the car sits past 2k even when engine is off and key out, it sometimes kicks in and works then shoots back up? Car idles and drives fine though?
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    A3 quattro rear coil spring

    As above wondered if anyone knows where i can get one, i have tried everywhere but no one seems to list them for the quattro model except audi, that cant be right??
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    Hi, i was wondering if anyone has ever had this problem on their car? Basically my car has always had a problem where the power dies down around 3k rpm. I have as i read i many threads changed the Mass air flow sensor but it has not helped. i have then since put my car (1.8T quattro, AJQ engine)...
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    Can someone..

    basically just wondered if someone could tell me if i wanted vag-com to just tell me if my car has faults what will i need and a rough price?? My car is an 1999 A3 1.8t quattro? thanks!
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    Pic request

    Just wondered if people could post up a pic of their A3's with 17's on without lowering?? cheers.
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    A slight problem!

    Hi, just wondering if anyone could help me with a problem i have, i recently bought an audi a3 1.8t quattro ('99 V), thing is i have found recently that when accelerating i can feel the turbo kick in but as soon as it reaches around 3k rpm it the boost cuts/dissapears? Anyon know why?