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    A3 8Y, S3 exhaust replacment

    Hi can you get the S3 exhausts to fit the a3 without too much work? like will it replace the stupid side exit one then just need to get a new diffuser to fit or cut the original? or even get an after market on that will extend the original and both come out one on the fake knockouts? thanks
  2. J

    A3 slowing on its own

    Hi ive had my car now for 2 months and im still trying to get to grips with driving it, as it seems to know the speed limit etc, i like to coast along until the last sec but the car seems to use engine breaking when coming to roundabout etc and i dont like it, ive tried turning off audi pre...
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    how to replace front badge on A3 2021

    Hi how do i go about getting a new black badge for the a3 2021 but not from audi themselves? all ive seen availible are too long, ive look into getting to the clips from behind the grill by removing the cover between the front and engine bay, i can get my hand down there and touch the grill area...