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    Bodywork repair - any recommendations?

    Hi Guys, the wind caught my door today and smacked the edge against a post, bent the door edge and has put a crease in too... Does anyone have any experience of any body work repairers in the Sussex area they would recommend to put this right? Thanks!
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    Revo stage 1

    Hi Guys, putting my S1 in for a revo stage one in a week - anything I should be aware of? Anyone had any issues? Thanks
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    S1 seats

    I've had my S1 a few months now, love it... however... The seats don't seem to hold you in place all too well - I'm not a big guy, well I'm 6ft, I mean I don't have a huge ****, so I tend to slide side to side in the seat when cornering, the bolsters don't seem to do much at all on the seat...
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    Bose retrofit

    Hi Guys, Have been looking at this auction, does anyone know if this is everything needed to change the standard speaker setup in my S1?
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    clunky change from first to second

    Hi Guys, I've noticed my S1 isn't very smooth when changing from first to second, it's noticeable when starting from cold, and sometimes better when I let the revs get higher before I shift up - is there a knack to it? I've been told first to second is a less synchronised change than the others...
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    Replacing rear side and back glass with privacy

    Hi Guys, I've had my second-hand S1 for a few weeks now, and the previous owner had the windows tinted - I like the look but not the visible edges. So, can I get the privacy glass and have it changed over? Does anyone know how much this might be? Thanks
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    Change glovebox handle

    hi guys, Have got an aluminium glove box handle to replace the black plastic one. However it's not that obvious how to go about changing it. Can anyone here talk me through it? Thanks!!
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    Picked up my new (not new) S1

    Picked up my 64 plate S1, 3dr, daytona grey, quatro extirior pack, 12k on the clock - I'm in love with it already!! Looking forward to all sorts of fun, and will probably be on here asking loads of questions too!