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  1. Bobstar

    S1 Updated Clutch

    Hey I'm going to upgrade to stage 1 and have a Sachs organic clutch put in same time. They said to me to get the flywheel changed aswell but I can't justify £640 for that especially as I've done 15000 granny miles.
  2. Bobstar

    Bored already

    I agree I love the raw basic-ness of them, a proper drivers car and a pocket supercar, they all look stunning aswell especially the exiges!
  3. Bobstar

    Bored already

    Always wanted a lotus but my drive disagrees, If someone could just make a exhaust to sound like the RS3 in dynamic mode this car will be fully satisfying for me. I got a cobra fitted and I feel like a boy racer :(
  4. Bobstar

    scorpion exhaust

    It sounds like how I imagined the armytrix to sound like but where can we have power motive fitted? is it a UK company?
  5. Bobstar

    Exhaust idea

    That actually sounds quite good sounds like it will pop and bang too
  6. Bobstar

    Remus for audi S1

    What about Armytrix?
  7. Bobstar

    Remus for audi S1

    Oh no I don't like it I was waiting ages for this!
  8. Bobstar

    Tyre moniter system

    I payed to have this on the car but I was disappointed it didn't show the actual psi levels on each corner on the screen like my previous new vauxhall astra did.
  9. Bobstar

    Never let Audi wash your car!

    I requested my car to not be washed when I picked it up brand new from the dealers, they all seemed very surprised by this and made a big deal out of it. I picked it up dirty but now I have pristine paint with no swirls because only I and my detailer touch the paint.
  10. Bobstar

    REMUS for the s1

    Where will I have to go to get this fitted? God damn wish I didn't get the cobra I thought there wouldn't be a Remus for the s1
  11. Bobstar


    Are remus actually going to release an exhaust for the S1? I already have miltek fitted but I would swap it in a heartbeat, remus sounded amazing on my old corsa vxr and gtc vxr.
  12. Bobstar

    exhaust valve

    If it had the pops and crackles of the RS3 I would be a very happy man :(
  13. Bobstar

    exhaust valve

    I have the non res system, it is actually quite loud in the cabin and can feel quite droney at motorway speeds, just a heads up its not a problem to me personally and it does sound good from the outside.
  14. Bobstar

    MK hose fitting problems

    Guys I recieved my new pipe but it has a big bend in it, anyone else have this problem? :sweatsmile:
  15. Bobstar

    MK hose fitting problems

    Been in touch with the seller on eBay seems a genuine mistake was made, they all shouldn't be like mine. I'll be sending him my photos and I should get a replacement.
  16. Bobstar

    MK hose fitting problems

    Yeah the airbox end fitted ok but the turbo end needed a few turns of tape in it, not too much of a issue. He definatly cut my one too short, I got it on but it's hardly got anything to grip on to either end so I will be sending it back hopefully he will send me another one with a inch or two more
  17. Bobstar

    MK hose fitting problems

    Have you managed to fit yours and use it? How did you get around the smaller side being too large? I tighten the jubilee clip as far as I can go but it still slips if I pull it it's not tight at all. I was thinking about using tape to bulk it out a bit. Still I shouldn't have to do all this for...
  18. Bobstar

    MK hose fitting problems

    I'm thinking they f****d it up and cut it too short (waiting on reply from seller) it's sbout 30mm shorter then the standard hose. If I fit it i would have to position it so I had about 15mm bite on both ends which I don't have any confidence in when under psi load.
  19. Bobstar

    MK hose fitting problems

    Just trying to fit this hose I got from ebay It seems shorter in overall length then standard so I can't get a snug fit both ends and also the smaller side of the hose seems larger in diameter so I may have to put electrical tape around to make it a more...
  20. Bobstar

    Car booked in for stage 1

    Would the brakes need upgrading to match the new 0-60 in 4.7 seconds time?