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    Rear door stuck locked

    RESOLVED! Turns out I have some dodgy wires between the B pillar and the door. Will have to strip it and repair the broken wires.
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    Broken electric window

    I've gone through 3 in the last year and a bit (i think the window frame is buckled). If you;re handy enough with tools, then it's a peice of cake, takes me about half an hour now. You just need a few different size torx bits. You can get 3rd party replacements off ebay for around £20 or a...
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    Rear door stuck locked

    Hi guys, Got a issue with the rear drivers side door on my 03 avant, it wont open! When operating the central locking (when it works), i can feel/hear it locking and unlocking but i cant open it using the inside or outside handles. I've tried both handles while locking an unlocking quickly but...
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    Possible lift pump problem?

    oh, in that case... cracking job pal! lol is the lift pump under the floor in the boot or under the seats?
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    Possible lift pump problem?

    Thanks Karl. i remember seeing something like this in your passat thread a few months back so i'll try some conditioning stuff in the tank tomorrow. failing that, looks like i'll be getting dirt this weekend! no one in my area at short notice with VCDS unfortunately so will see how i get on. :)...
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    Possible lift pump problem?

    Hi all, my car has been playing up a little the last few weeks and i'm beginning to wonder if the limp pump in tank pump) is playing up. it starts and idles fine, first turn of the key and starts on the button every time. runs ok but on a steady throttle then call for a little more power on a...
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    Best way to carry bikes?

    I was faced with this issue when going to France last July... me and a mate have 2 rather expensive downhill bikes and they are ****** heavy! I've seen some bikes on roof bars and seen them wobbling around at speed going over bumps etc and didnt fancy £4K flapping around in the wind at motorway...
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    Estate- Rear left brake light bulb failure

    i've replaced both of my rear light boards as the seal on them has failed over the years and let water in and corroded the contacts. one or 2 bulbs were working intermittanyly but i dont get any warnings on the dash. with the new boards and all water drained (got a good cup full!) it's all good :)
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    Saving a white 3.0 quattro build thread.

    respect man! good job on getting it all working!! :D
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    Should have paid someone to change my bulb...

    did you take the bottom 2 bolts out or just loosen them? if you loosen them by about 3 turns, the headlamp slides out nice and easy. :)
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    help in deciding a colour (alloys)

    gunmetal would look very nice!
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    vag com results help!

    that i cant say pal. but it's possible. someone with much more knowledge than i should be long soon. :)
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    i know there's 3 big ones in there. not sure if that are any others though. and yes, you can get replacement ones but can be expensive. make sure you get the right part number if you have a dodgy one. :)
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    it will more than likely be a flap motor that is at fault. drop your glovebox and then play with the settings on your climate control and see which one's are/aren't moving. :)
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    vag com results help!

    cant give any input on the actual problem it'self but the flap motors that control the heating and stuff are in the passenger footwell behind the glovebox. 2 screw underneath and 3 along the top inside the box itself and it pops out and just unplug the lighting cable for it. it really is that...
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    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    done my rear brake pads last night. took me a while but it's the first time i've touched brakes on something that doesn't have pedals lol. stops much better and no squeals too :D
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    Drivers side window not working.!!!

    i had this problem after replacing the speakers in my drivers door, window wouldnt go up. i couldn't find any breaks however one or 2 wires were damaged. i used a multi meter and all of the wires beeped when i checked them end to end so took the motor off and pushed the window up. i put the...
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    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    you don't 'need' a repair wire, i done mine by sticking a stripped wire (stripped a good half inch) into pin 1 then grounding it on the earth point behind the clocks. :)
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    who has the biggest mileage a4?

    just hit 100,000 today :D
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    permanent live

    hang on... surely if it's 50% efficient, then that's only 150W. it's not going to draw 50 amps, it'll cook its on board fuse in seconds?