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    Firewall holes?

    Hello Iam installing a DEFA Engine pre-heater and electrical socket in the car for a internal heater. Is there a hole somewhere in the firewall that i can use for the eletricalcable(about 20mm i diameter) to the internal heater? or where can i drill one out? I have a 2015 Audi A3 Quattro TDI...
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    Have Grinding noise in front when I accelerate. Transfer Case ?

    Thanks for a Good description, I tried to get the TC out but got stuck on the bracket, did not get it out. Wiggle hell out of it but it didnt want to come out, it was stuck between DFP(partikelfilter) and engineblock and transfercase, so I can't undo the last one of the 4 bolts that holds the...
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    Have Grinding noise in front when I accelerate. Transfer Case ?

    Hade a problem with the car about 2 weeks ago, it had a bang under the car and it was like the car was on the brakes, it was hard to move, had it towed to Audi workshop but the didnt find any problem, and the test drived it and the it worked fine for a week and now this Grinding noise appered...
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    Urgent help needed. Transfer box>Rear drive shaft S3 8p

    Hi I am about to remove my transfer case too, Does it come out easy? or do I have to remove the engine or does it slide out on the passangerside? after removing 4 bolts towards the gearbox and cvaxle and the axle to rear wheels? Thanks Ville