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    Links to A4/S4/B5 compatible Ebay finds and classified. FOR SALE/WANTED/ BREAKING

    Anyone know of any facelift b5 s4 being broken? Or anyone with a stock pile of spare brake calipers?
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    Temp gauge help?

    Make sure you buy genuine! Mine was doing exactly as yours was, swapped it out for a new, non oem part, was worse. But the bullet and went to audi, £32 later (if I remember rightly) and now perfect
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    A3 8l rear axle polybush

    Skoda fabia rear beam bushes are solid, if you don't want to go to the cost of polybush. Just make sure you get the bushes with the metal casing, as plastic can split on install
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    Has anyone sprayed their interior parts?

    What interior parts do you mean? I've just finished painting and fitting my facelift centre consol, grab handles and door lever and surrounds in Volvo grey, will get a picture
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    1998 AGU A3 FWD warm start issues

    As above, mines had the same issue on and off for the last year, finally opened the wallet last week for a genuine sensor from audi. It's not any easy job by any means, oil filter off job as it's located right behind it. I've still got to change mine, just got to time it right with work and the...
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    Here we go Again! A3 1.8T AGU [Ongoing Progress Thread]

    Anodised wheels look the dogs danglys ;P
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    AITP 6 discussions

    Are you heading past London or up to Cambridge and across? I live in Braintree also but am on holiday for the week in hopton for the week. If your going past Cambridge I'll meet you at the services if you want?
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    AITP 6 discussions

    Is anyone travelling across from Norfolk? Meant to be on holiday at hopton but convinced the missus if I've got the ticket, I'm going, lol
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    1. Av4nt (Lewis Jameson) A4 S Line 2.0FSI Special Edition 220 2. Spartan91 (Mark) A3 S Line 2.0 TDI 3. JG51 AUD (John) B8 A4 2.0 TDI Saloon 4. <Tuffty/> (Paul) 8L S3 5. HullRs3 ( John Arnold) RS3 (8p) 2.5 TFSI Sportback 6. Point_Audi ( Shaun) A4 B8 2.0 TDI Saloon 7. Crazyjay91 (Jason) A3...
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    Basil's mild improvements thread

    Seen a few in Braintree offering the same service, should really get mine serviced :P
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    Hi new b6 s4 owner in essex

    Welcome to the forum, another Essex audi sport member. Where in Essex are you from?
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    Stolen s3 in Essex GJ02OWC

    I'm sure I've seen you driving this about, so sorry to hear it's been taken mate. I'm only in Braintree so will keep an eye out. Get it on the facebook page "they stole my wheels" page, a lot of cars are found via this page
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    Hi All, New owner from Essex

    Whoop, another Essex owner, going from strength to strength :) see you out and about. Like Sam, I'm in an a3, Ming blue with s3 wheels, you'll probably see the missus driving it more than me at the moment
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    Newbie from Essex!

    Welcome to the forum, where abouts in Essex are you? Seems to a growing area for the forum
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    What tyre size for S3 Avus rims?

    I've got s3 rims on mine with 225/45/17 on the front and 235/45/17 on the rear, no rubbing issues at all and fills the arches perfectly. Depends what look / purpose your going for
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    Jay A3 's 1.8T On-Going Build Thread

    Haha, I only done it as I was getting fed up of looking through wiring diagram after wiring diagram and nothing matching (wire colour wise) so this made more sense to me
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    Jay A3 's 1.8T On-Going Build Thread

    I just went for the easier option........... Cut apart a scratched to hell facelift panel, fibreglassed my pre facelift panel in its place, smoothed, painted and refitted :D ignore the hole to the right, looking to either fit another cup holder or space for hands free kit......just need a...
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    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    Pm'd back......hopefully it's a better solution ;)
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    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    Nick, measure the depth and width of yours, I may just have something in the shed that will be of use to you
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    Here we go Again! A3 1.8T AGU [Ongoing Progress Thread]

    Haha, yeah, mine was lower, but parents live on fairview and the speed humps down there are ridiculous, so had to raise it. That's the exact reason the a3 is still here, as much as I want an s4, I can't bare to part with it, still toying with slapping a ko4 onto it. Whilst it's on my mind, a few...