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    Best way to turn chrome exterior trims black? Carbon Fibre Mods?

    Gents, me again. Looking to turn the chrome trims black. Any suggestions and is it possible to do a good job yourself? A guy with an S7, RAF_7, has done some spectacular mods to his S7 by turning his chrome black but would like some RS6 owners experience and advice. Are the trims riveted on...
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    RS6 C7 Engine Tuning

    Hello Everyone! So, picking up a 2015 Panther Black RS6 C7 on Friday next week and am now struggling to get to sleep at night!! Can't wait and am really excited about it. I had asked my dealer to look out for an S7 which I thought would be a more affordable option until he gave me a deal on...
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    B8 RS4 black grille rings and black wing mirror covers

    Just fitted new black rings to the grille and wing mirror covers. The covers look OK and will see how they fare after some use. But I really like the black rings. Will leave the rear ones chrome I think. What do you guys think?