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  1. phil_w


    £25.00 inc postage. PM me please if interested. Cheers! New, unused (was greased up but then not used). See for details.
  2. phil_w

    For Sale Audi A3 8P EIBACH PRO KIT E10-15-007-07-22

    Brand new, unused - Collection preferred from near Scarborough. £140. E10-15-007-07-22 for A3 8P. for info/pics.
  3. phil_w

    Felt/padding around door frame replacement

    Just wondering if its possible to replace the slightly fuzzy padding found around the door/window frames as the on the rear doors it has perished a bit and is coming off in clumps... without having to buy entire replacement frames. Don't even know what to call it so apologies for the vague post...
  4. phil_w

    What to clean roof bars with?

    Hi all, as I likely have time on my hands soon... time to take off the roof bars and bike racks for a good sort out. Any tips / products for best cleanup of all those nasty bugs and muck without damaging the metal or coating? Thanks! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. phil_w

    Q5 Roof rail question

    Hi all - very quick stupid question.... are the roof rails on the 2015 black edition 8r gloss or matte black? Thinking of going a bit stealth on my s-line.... Cheers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. phil_w

    2011 A3 S-line BE Suspension experience

    Hi all - recently back in an 8P after years away in a B7 A4 and a Q5. I had an 8P Black Edition back in 2012-2014 and I don't remember the suspension (especially front) being quite so bouncy and maybe sloppy if that is a way to describe. Just wondering if that sounds normal and that its not just...
  7. phil_w

    Lubricating noisy folding mirrors

    Anyone any tips for silencing creaking noisy mirrors as the fold up and down? Is it a question of removing the glass to get to the springs for squirting some grease in there or something? Any tips would be great, cheers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. phil_w

    Possible failed immobiliser

    Quick question - if we need a new immobiliser due to a possible failure is Audi dealership the only real option? Thanks
  9. phil_w

    Crimp / repair wire question

    Hi all- can anyone confirm which repair wire part number is best friends with a 07D973703 (plug for crank sensor in our BRD B7) ? I'm sure there used to be a guide online with all the combinations... Thanks!
  10. phil_w

    Q5 Towbar prep S-line bumper cover

    Can anyone with proper tow bar prep snap me a photo of what the plastic turn handles fix into on the bumper (if anything is visible) ? I have the proper removable flap, but with hex bolt fixings – I've got the plastic turn handles instead, and I've fitted those fine to the flap... but I just...
  11. phil_w

    Q5 Trailer / Tow bar prep on 2015 Q5 Confusion

    Just stepped up from my B7 A4 to a Q5 3.0 TDI S-line 2015 plate and I'm a little perplexed... The spec and Audi UK are convinced that it has trailer / tow prep and my online research suggests that if that is true there should be a cable bundle and plug lurking in the rear quarter cavity ready...
  12. phil_w

    Switch to Variable Service with VCDS

    Having a moment... can you switch between service types in VCDS on the B7? I can only see Service Reset as an option in the SRI reset section... Cheers!
  13. phil_w

    Stupid drivers door lock question..,

    Yesterday tried keys in the drivers door lock (was re-pairing second key after swapping the battery) but discovered that neither key will actually insert all the way in... Any technical reason or B7 weirdness that anyone has encountered in a similar manner before I investigate deeper ? Cheers...
  14. phil_w

    Spring advice

    Been looking at replacement springs for my B7 Tdi avant Quattro. Am I right in thinking that the Eibach pro would be equivalent to my current s-line oem springs and the the sportline would be even lower? Cheers! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. phil_w

    Trouble on the M1 today :-(

    So when making our way back up North from a mini-trip away, flashing glow-plug light and lost any ability to accelerate so standard limp-mode situation... Managed to get stopped at the services, turn ignition off then on again and all good for the remaining 100 miles home. Now this is the second...
  16. phil_w

    PD Injector Specialists in Yorkshire?

    Right, I'm on one now with my car niggles. I need someone knowledgable with all the correct tools to 1. Fit a new injector loom that I have ready to go and 2. Verify that the injectors in my 170 TDI are set correctly. The injectors were changed under the recall in 2012 but I'm now getting...
  17. phil_w

    Osram Retrofit LED Headlamps

    Stumbled across these... Look half decent :-)
  18. phil_w

    OEM Number Plate Lights

    Hi all - ordered the Audi LED lights 4H0943021/4H0943022 plus the Kufatec resistor loom. However, tried without loom first - thinking they would work but DIS would error - but didn't come on at all? Put standard ones back and they illuminated fine. Anyone have similar on a B7? Am I being...
  19. phil_w

    Soft Touch Paint

    Hi Dave Can you source a can of LLS MAX 6PS A1 for an attempt at interior touch-up? Cheers Phil
  20. phil_w

    Anyone got a Hunter printout they could share?

    Just wondering if anyone could share a scan of their Hunter 4 wheel alignment printout for a B7 A4 Quattro (Avant - but not sure this makes a difference) ? Just spotted that my local place ran mine through the system as a B8 and wondered whether that should make any difference to me or not. Its...