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  1. evans1089

    For Sale Genuine Audi A6 C7 Allroad Rear Mud Guards

    Audi A6 Allroad C7 Rear Mud Guards Please check figment with genuine part number Brand new never fitted. £45 Collection from chesterfield Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. evans1089

    2018 A7 3.0tfsi Tuning Parts

    Hi guys, back onto the scene with this 2018 A7 3.0tfsi 55. Is any company supplying performance parts for this car yet? Induction? Exhausts? Remaps? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. evans1089

    How to code out DPF cycle using VCDS?

    Hi guys, a friend has a 3.0tdi v6 A5 and wants to prevent the car doing the dpf checks and cycle as he is planning to remove it. So that no errors or limp mode occurs afterwards. Does anyone have a guide i can follow please..? Thanks
  4. evans1089

    Tyre Profile Question

    My original 19" Audi alloys have 255/45/19 tyres on them. I'm looking at winter tyres. Would it be acceptable to fit 255/50/19? They're also listed as for 'BMW's'. What, if any are the implications? I have adjustable air suspension. Cheers
  5. evans1089

    Mini lights?

    Hi mate could you provide any LED bulbs for our 2014 Mini Cooper sd 5 door? It doesn't have DRLs which I'm looking st getting.
  6. evans1089

    Driver Wing Mirror Stopped Moving

    Scanned & no faults. Wondering what mechanically goes wrong with them? How easy are they to remove? (guide available anywhere?) Thanks guys
  7. evans1089

    VCDS Tweak for air suspension?

    Is there a tweak to make my c7 allroad go lower that the last setting on MMI? For looks wise more than anything
  8. evans1089

    Allroad Rear Bumper Protector vs Avant

    So I've ordered a c7 Carbon fibre bumper protector and guess what it doesn't fit. The description says will not fit s6 and rs6 models. So I presumed the allroad was the same as the avant. Can anyone shed any light as to what I need? Is the allroad categorically different to the avants?
  9. evans1089

    Audi Connect & Apps

    Hi guys, just curious how it all works. I've set up both of these apps: I can track the car using the apps, but is it only if I have a SIM card in the car? Does every feature need a data SIM card to work? Can the MMI not run off my iPhone's personal hotspot when driving for traffic updates...
  10. evans1089

    Finally found one...!

    So after a month of looking on eBay, autotrader and piston heads, I ended up buying one in the auction [emoji28] Traveled to Bedford Friday morning for this: The online description was terrible. Didn't even know it had LED DRLs etc. So we got there and founds its top of the range! [emoji57]...
  11. evans1089

    A6 Avant vs A6 All Road

    I'm in the market for the A6 bitdi. And the closest models with that engine is the all road. But do I really want a car that's had its suspension raised? What do you suggest? Please discuss the differences, pros and cons of each.. I'm heading out to view an all road in the next couple hours...
  12. evans1089


    These are like rocking horse *****, same as the bitdi! Found one on auto trader. Didn't even knew they existed to be honest! Same engine as the S5.. Any thoughts on them?
  13. evans1089

    3.0D bi turbo?

    Hi guys, does anyone have one? The 311ps engine. I'm looking to part ex my 3.0tdi A4 for one and want to know how they compare really.
  14. evans1089

    VCDS Tweaks?

    The Audi TT forum isn't much help really. If you have added something to your Audi TT, what? We have the sat Nav plus. I can't get much enabled on it!
  15. evans1089

    Anyone had this driveshaft issue?

    So Thursday night my a4 avant decided to break. Turned left in second gear and a massive bang followed my lots of rattling. I thought I blew gearbox somehow. Can't describe the noise but it was loud! I pulled up straight away. I had No drive, in any gears. Just massive rattling noises if I...
  16. evans1089

    Strange Whine Noise?

    My A4 Quattro avant manual has developed a noise which can only be described as a whine I think? You can only hear it over 25mph. It still occurs if you press down the clutch and Coast along. It gets louder and more distinctive the faster I go. It seems to come from the front. The car drives...
  17. evans1089

    Cruise Control Fit

    Recently had cruise control fitted on my A4 B8. Nigel supplied and fitted the parts and works perfect! He came with all his tools, he was done and tested in no time at all! Very happy chappy! Would like to know what else you can fit for me [emoji106][emoji57]
  18. evans1089

    Sat Nav Fitting?

    Been looking for a complete upgrade and set up as I have the Concert currently.. Does anyone know what is needed to fit a sat nav unit ? The EBay number below shows what I think is a full kit? EBay number: 291352524713 Is it cheaper elsewhere or what do you guys recommend ? Many thanks
  19. evans1089

    Egr Valve

    What are people's thoughts on the EGR valve? Have you blanked it off? Coded it out? And why? Would it be better for the engine life and performance to have it removed? Shark Performance want £172 to blank and code out. Any thoughts? (2009 3.0tdi v6)
  20. evans1089

    2012 A5 Convertible Roof Down Coding?

    Is there such a thing? I've seen little boxes on eBay that claim to be able to put down and back up the roof with the key. Surely it can be done through VCDS? I've looked but wasn't sure on the code. Do I need an advanced key? Or could I get it to work with the normal car key? Currently...