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  1. dieseldoos

    Question for Saloon owners

    When you open the boot lid after heavy rain, are you finding that sometimes water runs down the hinges on both sides, and after really heavy rain, can run out the flaps where you get at the bulbs on the bootlid lights if you open it right open? Dealer has checked, said light seals are fine, and...
  2. dieseldoos

    Disable reverse light bulb out with vcds

    Having now tried a variety of led reverse light bulbs in my 2012 Audi A6 c7, no matter what bulbs, cheap, expensive, error free can bus etc, my car always shows bulb out errors. I have put the originals back, but prefer the look of the led bulbs, so can just the reverse bulbs be coded out with...
  3. dieseldoos

    Im back, picking it up soon

    I was on here a few years back when we had our A4 B8. I sold that and replaced it with a BMW 645 convertible. Lovely car, but still had an urge for an Audi S5, so in the hunt for an S5, I fell for a 3 year old A6 S line, and a deal was done! Engine is a drop, coming from the rumble of the V8...
  4. dieseldoos

    Hello again

    I am not really new, but been out of the forum since I sold my A4 B8 last year, but could be coming back to Audi with the lure of an S5 (prob the earlier V8) keeps nagging me back.
  5. dieseldoos

    How long can I keep my ncb?

    Basically, I own 2 cars with seperate policys. I sold one yesterday and I dont have its replacement yet as I am starting my search, and I never rush into buying a car anyway, and I own another car on its own policy so I still have transport etc in the meantime. I phoned my insurer to tell them...
  6. dieseldoos

    Question regarding putting insurance on hold

    I am pondering selling my car whilst looking for my next one. I own 2 cars, both on there own seperate policys, hence after I have sold the Audi, I would use the other car whilst looking for another to replace the Audi. My question is, when I contact my insurance company (on the Audi) to say I...
  7. dieseldoos

    Clamped For Having No Tax On Trade Plates

    Just up from a dealership near me earlier, barely back from a test drive, and the DVLA pounced and clamped it for having no tax, even tho the trade plates are clearly on show! (had one hanging on the back). Made me chuckle! (I didnt test drive it btw! I was browsing other cars)
  8. dieseldoos

    Oil Question For S4 Owners

    Do these have the same problem as the 2.0 petrols, in that they need the oil regulary topping up? Basically, I am pondering selling my car as I have no need for a diesel engine anymore (and I miss the power of some previous cars I have owned). I have had to rule out an R8, as its only a 2...
  9. dieseldoos

    Passenger side door window seal question

    Looking at my passenger side window the other day, (and slightly on the back passenger door window), I noticed when up close that its looking a bit pitted. (if you can see what I mean in the pic) On inspection it doesnt look like the actual rubber seal, as it is seperate to the big rubber...
  10. dieseldoos

    ABS with and without example.

    A good example I think!
  11. dieseldoos

    Ive finally hit the 100k mark!

    Alltho after seeing the one for sale with 250k on it, I hope theres plenty of life in mine yet! I didnt take the pic btw! My misses took it from the passenger seat.
  12. dieseldoos

    Anyone fitted the xcarlink multimedia interface?

    I have brought both the multimedia interface for my car, which has the mmi 3g, with hdd and sat nav, and the xcarlink rear view camera which fits in place of the boot lid handle. When I fit it I intend to take some pics etc to help others who may want it, but wondered if anyone had any...
  13. dieseldoos

    Changed my washer bottle cap

    Seeing as I have changed both my oil and coolant caps, decided to change the washer cap now from this... To this
  14. dieseldoos

    Oil & coolant caps done

    After fitting the R8 oil cap... Ive swaped the coolant cap with the Porsche one
  15. dieseldoos

    Cheap 4x4s

    As we are doing up the house along with other things, I am looking at getting a cheap 4x4 to use. Ive been looking at Toyota Surfs, and Suzuki Vitaros/Samuris etc. It will be used for lugging larger goods, tip runs etc, and getting out of our road should we get snow in the winter. Not used...
  16. dieseldoos

    Parking like a boss!

    Now this is how to park like a boss! Meanwhile in Russia : Moscow Girl Amazing Car Parking[FUll] - YouTube
  17. dieseldoos

    A3 Door mirror surrounds on A4?

    Does anyone know if the mirror casing from an A3 8P model would fit the A4 B8. I am looking at changing mine to the S4 style Alu look, but the only ones I can find that will fit mine are pushing £300 at the cheapest! There are cheaper versions, but they have the indicator cut outs, and mine...
  18. dieseldoos

    Performance exhaust tuning but no money... Easy solution!

    Najtańszy sposób na sportowy wydech! | The cheapest racing exhaust in the world - YouTube I am pondering doing this....:whistle2: .... Well maybe not!
  19. dieseldoos

    If your not sure whats wrong with your car, maybe these will help...

    I sometimes wonder if its what some people use! Lol
  20. dieseldoos

    DPF now to be part of the MOT

    If you did not already know, Not sure if any one has posted it, but if not...