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  1. sparks

    Day 6 of ownership, first wash.

    Wow stunning colour that and great car!!
  2. sparks

    S6 2014 low fuel pressure fault

    Hi guys ive done a search but couldnt find anything so just wondering if any of you other guys have had or seen any issues with a fault which im seeing on an Autel Vag505 " low pressure fuel regulation outside Specification P310B_00 defective - Passive/Sporatic". Mine keeps seeing this...
  3. sparks

    My Audi S6 Avant project

    Very nice motor you got there love that colour of blue! Going to be looking at Revo for mine at some point plus exhaust as yeah I agree needs a little more grrr but I better wait for a bit!
  4. sparks

    Changed to the S6

    I'm not entirely sure what it was traded in for the Macrae & **** garages up here are all owned by parks now it just came up the road from down south and ended up at Landrover thankfully for me over the moon with it, finding things didn't even know it had every time I'm out playing! Cheers...
  5. sparks

    Changed to the S6

    I your telling me and handy when your mate is the salesman too
  6. sparks

    Changed to the S6

    Not at all I got it for £36k
  7. sparks

    Changed to the S6

    And as for bragging know was asking a reasonable question I think thought that's what the forum is for
  8. sparks

    Changed to the S6

    Thanks it's an absolute cracker it was at macrae and dicks Land Rover Inverness it was only on the four court about an hour hopefully pick it up tomorrow. It's got the full LEDs like you said Adaptive headlights , high beam assist Full leather heated seats, Adaptive air suspension, Bose surround...
  9. sparks

    Changed to the S6

    Hi guys just wondering out of curiosity does anyone know this S6 picking it up in a few days
  10. sparks

    Inverness area users????

    Nae to bad yourself and Cheers
  11. sparks

    Inverness area users????

    Hi I'm in Inverness Black S4
  12. sparks

    S4 3.0 induction kit

    I have the same set up on mine as Rabie and yep it rev's a lot better plus pulls a lot better to!
  13. sparks

    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    Thought I would give it a good clean since the better weather has arrived
  14. sparks

    Who is the closest VAG to Elgin?

    I use Kenny's Autos in Inverness Audi and vw specialist they have done all the work to both S4s I've had and do a cracking job each time!
  15. sparks

    B8 S4 Esteem

    I'm absolutely loving mine puts a smile on my face every time I go in it plus like you guys say there ain't too many of them about well up here anyway think I've maybe seen 3 locally.
  16. sparks

    My new S4!

    Very nice mate it is a cracking car! The badge change is good makes a nice look ,done that to mine as hated the V6T ones and was 1st mod I did. Since then tints,K&N,Apr carbonio intake and next revo.
  17. sparks


    I've seen that one a couple of times in the last week or so to it sounds/looks the nuts!
  18. sparks

    The Marmite car

    It sure does look really nice in the flesh seen it or one very similar today on the road in inversnecky?
  19. sparks

    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    Cheers mate never got round to get wheels done with one thing or another but will give you a shout once back from my trip if I decide to sell them nae probs! Yours is looking good too!!