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  1. Morells

    Anyone know this car

    Hi guys anyone know this Black RS3 Reg EJ12 JKE
  2. Morells

    Anyone know the car

    hi just wondering if anyone recognises the reg on here? Y21 EVS
  3. Morells

    Error free number plate lights

    As the title says really guys/girls what are the best ones on eBay or anywhere
  4. Morells

    Indigo-gt South Wales??

    Lion Garage Hay-On-Wye they do Oscarli maps the guy who makes oscarli maps does work for revo and has done work with apr recently and his maps are half the price. Very good at what they do ask for Steve he will talk you through anything that worries you or u want to know. He did my 3 S3's not a...
  5. Morells

    Next rs3

    The saloon is defiantly coming out my Audi sales man and his boss have both told me be after the sport back
  6. Morells

    My S3 build Thread (help and input appreciated)

    Have you looked at AP Coilovers? I fitted them to mine the ride is better that standard (more comfortable) and now the back end wants to play more I fully recommend them.
  7. Morells

    Mikes Ibis BE 2012 S3...

    Well this sucks mate what's the company car?
  8. Morells

    Attendee list for ADI 11th October 2014

    Yeah defo coming can't wait to get on the stand and meet some of you guys/girls
  9. Morells

    ADI 2014 Discussions

    What time do u want us there for the club stand?
  10. Morells

    Attendee list for ADI 11th October 2014

    Don't they have a list of people for the stand and how many can fit on the stand?
  11. Morells

    ADI 2014 Discussions

    How big is the club stand and do we get a club pass or something like that?
  12. Morells

    Attendee list for ADI 11th October 2014

    Can I get in on this what's the crack for the club stand and tickets?
  13. Morells

    Gear Surrounds

  14. Morells

    Gear Surrounds

    Hi guys quick question before I buy parts is the manual gear surround the same as the DSG surround looked at pictures they seem the same just want to be 100% sure
  15. Morells

    Bit of info on the audi s3 8p

    If I was you and you want to keep the car civilised then I would go for a VWR induction which is a enclosed kit I have it on my car but a very rare itg one because vwr bought the rights to sell it as theirs when they made it. Because it's enclosed it's not to loud in the cabin and then I would...
  16. Morells

    S3 rear handling problem???

    I have some cheap standard wheels for sale if you want to go back, they are in the classifieds but defo get better tyres
  17. Morells

    What Wheel colour should I get

    Swapped the vz's for some 18 Audi splits and kinda wish I didn't now because the debt that's getting fixed happened when I went to get them swapped :( but it's done now can't go back and stop myself
  18. Morells

    What Wheel colour should I get

    Hi everyone dropped my car off to get a dent fixed and the wheels sprayed and basically he rang me up and said some idiot had had the split rims apart before and wound them to tight in so they would have to be machined out so it's a no go. I have a set of original S3 alloys and was wondering...
  19. Morells

    Adhesive offset number plate

    Any update on this?
  20. Morells

    Bilstein pss (b14) coilovers or pss9 (b16) ?

    Damian would I be better off with going for H&R springs and bilstein dampers for everyday use as I don't want it to go to low or would the b14 be better? Round roughly the same price for both setups.