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  1. aqibi2000

    Alternator clutch pulley

    Ac clutch I think Press econ button on HVAC, sound may go
  2. aqibi2000

    Correct blanking kit for EGR valve?

    I’m sure that’s a listing error it’s £127. anyway get it from dark side development cheaper and they will ensure you get the right one. The pictured eye blank plate looks very thin = ****
  3. aqibi2000

    Audi A3 bkd rear calliper sticking

    Have you confirmed the handbrake cable is not playing a part in this
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    Word Association Game .. . . .

  5. aqibi2000

    Noise elimination help please (car audio)

    Can you ground the amplifier directly to the hu using a jump lead just for testing purposes. this is a common issue of noise suppression on alternator whine but sounds like you also have the RCA cable problems separately too. have you used twisted pair RCA cable not just changing the cable
  6. aqibi2000

    Noise elimination help please (car audio)

    You’re issue IS inherany a ground loop. This is proven since used your mobile phone to the RCA (phone is not connected to the vehicle ground since it uses its own battery) and there therefore no loop created, you had no sound issue Hence using a headunit which shares the same power...
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    audi a3 1.9 tdi coming home and leaving home problem

    No problem, good to hear it’s done, it’s a nice feature!
  8. aqibi2000

    audi a3 1.9 tdi coming home and leaving home problem

    I connected it elsewhere too, as long as it’s ground it is ok. there was some truck to do with connecting to ground then removing it, it was a right faf. Keep playing with it, the length of the wire wouldn’t be the issue I did it 4 years ago so don’t remember the technicality but haven’t...
  9. aqibi2000

    audi a3 1.9 tdi coming home and leaving home problem

    It’s not you, it’s a PITA to get to work it’s to do with connecting the wire to ground, had a similar issue many years ago eventually it worked. Don’t think the cluster has nothing to do with this I believe
  10. aqibi2000

    Cup holder for double din and “Brodit” SuperPro phone holder

    Practicality beats all, homemade. Phone mount. It’s the best location for me since it’s not hitting against my legs if attached to the garb handle like some Brodit designed I’ve seen, nor is mounted too far away by the air vents. It only covers volume control which I never use thanks to the...
  11. aqibi2000

    Swap out turbo whilst gearbox is off?

    Replace exhaust gasket and Turbo to DPF gasket, no need to replace the clamp. Use dark side developments if you cannot find the parts although 95% of things are available via Audi/Vw. And don’t neglect turbo oil pipes, return normally requires a new banjo bolt and a decent shallow 27mm socket...
  12. aqibi2000

    Swap out turbo whilst gearbox is off?

    fitting a new clutch into your auto transmission, or are we guessing the engine and trans combo? Anyway order some copper nuts and spare exhaust studs and buy a 3/8 drive torque wrench.
  13. aqibi2000

    Oil pressure problem

    was oil filter housing was fixed correctly
  14. aqibi2000

    Audi A3 TDI 1.9 hard start when the engine is cold

    Have you looked at the fuel lift pump from the tank to confirm the flow rate is correct into a bucket? fuel may be siphoned back to the tank
  15. aqibi2000

    TTE420 hybrid

    what type of power will this achieve?
  16. aqibi2000

    Audi A3 8P Comfort Control Module Location

    Convenience module is in the rear right hand side boot
  17. aqibi2000

    Dpf pressure sensor

    Mate it’s a differential pressure sensor, one side is atmospheric on your model! take it back to whoever played with your car
  18. aqibi2000

    DPF differential pressure sensor

    Go back to the person who played with your car to do the egr delete
  19. aqibi2000

    Electric air compressor

    Milwaukee M is the way forward.
  20. aqibi2000

    DPF differential pressure sensor

    No that is correct, the pipes are cut like this atmosphroc pressure is the reference for the differential pressure sensor, all the 2nd gen and onwards cars use the sensor in this configuration. Only the older ones from 2007-2008 have pipes going to both sides of the dpf