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  1. KrisKrk

    New Custom Air Bag Cover

    True about the gain vs. loss. I'm in process of getting my seatbelts changed to red and everyone is saying "NO, don't do it. Too risky .... Blah blah blah" Like you said, warranty given and test performed before they dispatch them back to me is re-assuring somehow. As to steering wheel company...
  2. KrisKrk

    New Custom Air Bag Cover

    Good looking thing that is. I was considering doing same on my custom made steering wheel but got scared alcantara would not rip when airbag deployed. How did they prove to you this will rip in right places, allowing full and correct airbag working order? As for bad experience with custom made...
  3. KrisKrk

    New Battery Installed S7

    Could not find any pictures online for OEM Varta battery with same values to code in. You are right about the battery not fully charged to the manufacturers capacity. Could that have a major or any impact of the life of it, you think? Copared old battery with code in vcds before new one...
  4. KrisKrk

    New Battery Installed S7

    Cheers for that. Had a go at it last night and QR was there with Bosh code together. Alhough my new battery was 95Ah and 850A, found OEM varta battery with 92AH 850A picture on my phone and used same coding. Accepted all and from 1 bar battery meter on MMI went to full. Had a nice drive around...
  5. KrisKrk

    Top Service !!

    Alex is truely a top man, agreed. Done few bits on my motor and, as above, highly recommended[emoji1303] Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
  6. KrisKrk

    New Battery Installed S7

    Great write up and tip ont he bluetooth monitor. Cheers for that[emoji1303] I'm about to replace the battery in mine but do not have BEM code on it. Replacing Bosh acid one for larger Bosh AGM one. Searched online and all pointers are for coding using BEM code. Any tip with VCDS to code the...
  7. KrisKrk

    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

    9 hours of hard work and look of it paid all Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
  8. KrisKrk

    changing allroad headlining and pillar trims....

    A pillars are b@stards to remove. They got clips with hooks. I grabbed and squeezed them to release from hooks. B pillars can go out when you unbolt the seat belt from the seat and feed it througj the belt slot. Will be doing that myself soon but need to complete the retrim of headliner. Got a...
  9. KrisKrk

    R.I.P Captain Sir Tom Moore

    Great honoureable man he was RIP Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
  10. KrisKrk

    Dashcam recommendation

    I got front&back Thinkware Q800 Pro and it is brilliant. Hardwire kit included in the box for parking mode. Very much needed nowadays. Quick install and was up and running for less than 2years now Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
  11. KrisKrk

    Key case/body upgrading Review and instructions

    Great writeup and result. Thought of it myself but the idea of removing the blade from that fob to start up the car (mine's a non keyless entry/start), made me scrap that idea. Looking at it now, is there a space on the new fob blade holder for a immobiliser transponder? That would solve the...
  12. KrisKrk

    Just found someone selling my car on facebook.

    My car images with visible reg was used as advert photo on eBay for honeycomb grille. I've reported it to eBay but stipidly contacted the seller and told him off. By the time eBay took action, pictures were gone. Now, two other sellers are using my car pictures to sell some bulbs. I have...
  13. KrisKrk

    Merry Christmas Everyone.

    All the best to all members and admins Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
  14. KrisKrk

    Quick one

    Few days after ... another one cracked Well. Chinese stuff are always worth a try as are cheap enough nit to. Don't last though. Off they'll come to eom look Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
  15. KrisKrk

    Quick one

    After a pressure wash and a rain test ... broke the rear drivers side flap[emoji1751] Block of flats I live in have a underground parking lot and management decided to add another speed bump. They did that on a slope drive in/out where you also have to stop to open the gate with fob. Disaster...
  16. KrisKrk

    A4 B8 alcantara interior mods

    My steering wheel was made by Royal Steering Wheels as exchange service (you order wheel in spec wanted and they make it from stock wheel so you can replace it and sand your one back) and I sent them my oem gaitor as sample and template. Oem fit with custom spec (fabric and stitching). Only £40...
  17. KrisKrk

    Not a good day yesterday

    Wow. Hope you and Mrs are fine. Think it may well be a write off. You looking at bonnet, wing, lamp, bumper to replace + all other internal bits. God knows what state suspension is so that will he on top of above bits. I'm no expert but it looks like it. Sorry Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
  18. KrisKrk

    A4 B8 alcantara interior mods

    I'm currently waiting for fabric samples and will be attempting full heafliner retrim and swap. It isn't going to be alcantara as it cost arm and a leg for the fabric, not to mention retrim. Got the second hand headliner and pillars so I can do them on the bench and simply swap, when ready. I...
  19. KrisKrk

    Facelift Alarm Volume

    I'm having the same issue on the A6 C6. If not flashing indicators I wouldn't know it went off as it sounds for a bit and stops to start again. I've just ordered a secondary siren which supposed to be about 110db and am planning to wire it with oem siren but fit it somewhere where would be less...
  20. KrisKrk

    What Detailing / Car Care Products Have You Bought / Ordered Today?

    Anyone heard of and/or bought any of Duel Autocare products? I got few bits from them recently but not sure if expexted results have been acheived after using them. Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk