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    BlackVue vs Thinkware dash cam power consumption

    Dash cam manufacturers claim their parking mode lasts for a long time but it’s useless if battery voltage falls below the shut off voltage. Power consumption of the dash cam is something to consider. Blackvue and Thinkware offers the best parking features. Blackvue offers time lapse with...
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    How long can you use dash cam while parked in winter?

    Agree. Depends on how well the battery is charged up. It also depends on power consumption. Thinkware U1000 runs on 208.8 mA/hour and Blackvue runs on 392mA/hour. So Thinkware would run longer on parking mode compared to Blackvue. Of course this can change according to conditions like battery...
  3. ttperformance

    How long can you use dash cam while parked in winter?

    I have a Thinkware dash cam. It has winter battery protection feature to power the dash cam off 0.2 volts above the voltage cut off point. I usually set voltage cut off at 12.2V to ensure my battery does not drain. Thinkware energy saving mode can lower power consumption by recording only upon...
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    Really hard to get one these days
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    IMDB Top 250 Movies - Agree Or Disagree ?

    Seen a few of the movies from the list. The rest are maybe rare or probably not as famous?
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    Sweet ride!
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    Anyone had the Audi UTR fitted / retro-fitted?

    Right now it seems aftermarket dash cams are still the better option
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    Word Association Game .. . . .

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    Galaxy S20 Ultra

    Second that on S20+
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    What movies do you watch over and over

    Fast and Furious!
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    Word Association Game .. . . .

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    Another Newbie

    Welcome to the forum :sign imnew:
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    Audi convert

    Switched from a Jap car too:footy: