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  1. desertstorm

    1.8 TFSI DSG remap torque limit

    From stuff I have read when googling DSG information the DQ200 can have issues on stock engines. With another 30-40% torque long term that probably wouldn't be good.
  2. desertstorm

    Mk1 TT 225 track day car, DQ250 DSG gearbox installed and working :)

    Don't think I put in any details of the V6 power steering mods. On the 225 it's ridiculously complicated compared to a V6 with the pipe routing and cooler pipes which are prone to rusting and are heavy. The OE high pressure pipe will not fit with the DSG as all the turns in front of the gearbox...
  3. desertstorm

    Mk1 TT 225 track day car, DQ250 DSG gearbox installed and working :)

    Well the DSG gearbox has been in for a few weeks now. Been playing with the mapping on the ECU to improve the changes . The stock mapping on the Ignitron ECU was pretty good. Car was very driveable and I was surprised how good it was. Bit of a faff changing it out and had to think a bit about...
  4. desertstorm

    Need to replace electronic turbo acuator on my 2008 170hp A3 Sline.

    Did you do any more diagnostics other than just the fault code . The actuator is just like a normal vacuum operated item with a sensor on it to provide feedback to the ECU. If the vacuum diaphragm is split or the sensor is faulty that's good. There are many other things that can cause that fault...
  5. desertstorm

    Ignitron ECU

    To find out what the ECU is logging and ammend it if you want you need to select the autolog option at the bottom of the diagnostics section. A pop up comes up click show and you will see what the ECU is logging all the time.
  6. desertstorm

    Ignitron ECU

    1. If you were logging everything Ie from the tablet then goto the status bits screen and there is a status bit for the ECU in Limp mode. This will be set when the car goes to limp.
  7. desertstorm

    Ignitron ECU

    Find out why it went into limp mode. If you have a max boost set on the limp mode screen then it may have exceeded that. If the max boost is too close to the peak requested then occasionally it may go into limp. I think the default is set at 250mB so if this is set and enabled you probably need...
  8. desertstorm

    Front Crankshaft Seal A genuine seal compare it to the Elring item.
  9. desertstorm

    Front Crankshaft Seal

    Elring would be my first choice followed by Victor reinz, Febi, Corteco. What car/ engine is it?
  10. desertstorm

    Bobby Singh A4 3.0 TDI build thread

    Looking good Bobby, quieter, less back pressure, lower EGT's,looks sporty, didn't cost an arm and a leg . Win,win win.
  11. desertstorm

    Alternator clutch pulley

    I changed an alternator pulley on my MK1 TT. I bought this tool, I would be surprised if yours was different. It's a bit more than 10 minutesas these things are well tight. I had to remove the alternator from mine to get it undone...
  12. desertstorm

    Facelift Metal fragments on fuel filter.

    I would have been concerned if you had found a lot more debris in the filter. As it looks like there was only a few flecks of alloy so I would not be so concerned.
  13. desertstorm

    Facelift Metal fragments on fuel filter.

    You could cut the filter open and have a look to see if much trapped in the filter.
  14. desertstorm

    ABS enagaging at slow speed

    Air in the system does not cause the ABS system to kick in. Your problem is with the ABS sensors. One of the sensors is not picking up a good wheel speed signal. This can be down to a faulty sensor or rust/damage on the ABS reluctor rings. If you have VCDS you can monitor the ABS wheel speed...
  15. desertstorm

    2013 Allroad 3.0tdi gearbox advice

    PXG is a 7 speed DSG gearbox . The service intervals are 35-40K miles . I would get it serviced and checked for fault codes. An oil change and a basic reset of the gearbox would probably help a lot. There may be some flash updates for the gearbox . Maybe contact Audi and see if any are...
  16. desertstorm

    longlife- cam chain

    The chain isn't the issue it's the tensioners. If the car was doing a lot of mileage on the motorway over the first two services it's not as bad as doing say 16K miles of short stop start journeys. @bobby singh has loads of experience with these.
  17. desertstorm

    Who’s running a lsd

    I don't have one in my car with quattro seems to grip pretty well and go. Of more use to a front wheel car drive and I would have thought more than 250bhp and an LSD would help.Prawn uses a plate diff in his A3, Sounds great and seems to work.
  18. desertstorm

    Back to a S5 Again!

    There only has to be a microscopic pin hole in the lacquer for moisture and salt to get in . I am surprised you have never had issues with diamond cut alloys before. I would take it back to the dealer and let them look at them.
  19. desertstorm

    Ignitron ECU

    It will all be on the build thread for the TT. There is some stuff on there at the moment parts required and some testing. Mechanically quite a straightforward swap but there is a lot ot tuning to be done on the ECU to get it to work correctly with the DSG. The DSG and ECU have to work together...